With America fixated top top all things Bruce Jenner and the anticipation about his Diane Sawyer interview Friday night on ABC, it appeared an interesting moment come revisit another time once he caught this country’s attention.

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In 1978, jenner snagged among the sports world’s greatest honors: appearing on the Wheaties grain box. When this could not sound impressive in today’s era that multi-million dollar proof deals, back then the was one of the can be fried prizes for a top athlete.

A many of people know Jenner now from his partnership to the Kardashian clan. However decades ago, he ended up being a nationwide hero after that nabbedthe yellow medal in the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics because that the decathlon. This triumph meant much more than most: In the 1972 Olympics, the U.S. Shed the decathlon, an occasion the nation had won in past Games, to the Soviets. Because that many, Jenner’s victory was a symbolic victory for the U.S. Over its Cold battle enemy.


Jenner v wife Chrystie in the so late ‘70s. Photo credit:Gary Lewis/mptvimages

Along with appearing on the famous orange cereal box, Jenner additionally starred in a commercial that ran in 1978. The ad features snippets of Jenner acquisition the yellow medal in the decathlon — throw a discus, sprinting, and carrying the American flag ~ his win. Climate the footage cuts to Jenner, presumably in the kitchen that his Malibu home, putting himself a key of cereal. A crate of Wheaties bearing his picture sits front and center.

“I really worked hard acquiring ready for the day,” Jenner claims to the camera. “I put in a most years, and put away a many Wheaties. Since a finish breakfast through Wheaties is good tasting, and an excellent for you.”

Jenner offered as the spokesman for Wheaties indigenous 1977 come 1979.

After the Olympics, zener abandoned sports and also he gone after many methods to capture an ext of the limelight, including sports commentary and also acting. After his very first two marriages ended in divorce, the married Kris Kardashian in 1991. A spate of fact TV display appearances followed, leading up to the wildly famous “Keeping Up v the Kardashians,” i beg your pardon debuted in 2007.

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Years later, Jenner stated that “being on the Wheaties box single-handedly was the most specifying moment” the his career, other than winning his Olympics yellow medal, according to the this firm blog of general Mills, which owns Wheaties.