YES, you have the right to eat pizza top top WW! Scroll down to discover our top picks from the Pizza Hut Restaurants menu, indigenous fabulous flatbreads to mouth-watering melts.

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It's nationwide Pizza work (read: best day ever) on ninth February. In acknowledgment of a totality day dedicated to pizza, we've teamed up with Pizza Hut Restaurants and produced a SmartPoints guide to their mouth-watering menu.

Pizza is certain on the food selection for WW members - you have the right to eat whatever you like, as long as you stick to your daily SmartPoints Budget. Our flexible, customised weight loss plans are designed for real life, which method you have the right to eat what you love, eat the end at her favourite restaurants and still lose weight. 

Because rather frankly, we’re not interested in any kind of weight loss setup where you can not eat pizza. 

Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain, ideal known for their Deep Pan pizza, extensive salad bar and also famous ice cream Cream Factory. An initial established in the UK over 40 years ago, it's a pizza lover's paradise, and also today the chain provides even more choice with short Cal Flatbreads, Chicken Melts and specialized vegan and gluten-free menus.

With alternatives that fit into your daily budget - and also some you might need to usage your weeklies and rollovers because that - there's lot of to choose from together a WW member. We've absolutely got ours eye on their new flatbreads...

Without more ado, it's time to tuck right into the Pizza Hut Restaurants menu!

Please note: this write-up refers to food selection items obtainable in Pizza Hut Restaurants, rather than the shipment menu wherein products and SmartPoints values may differ. 




We'll gain to starters in simply a minute, but first, let's talk flatbreads.

Pizza Hut Restaurant's amazing selection of flatbreads room made using their thinnest basic ever, then loaded through tasty toppings. And the finest news? They all clock in at under 550 calories every flatbread. That's between 11 and also 16 SmartPoints, which fits into your daily spending plan whichever customised myWW™ plan you're on. Have the right to we book a table, please?

So, if you require a pizza fix yet want something short in SmartPoints (SP), the pizza gods have answered her prayers. This flatbreads are a perfect instance of how you have the right to eat the end at your favourite restaurants and still lose weight. Only one inquiry remains...which one will certainly be her go-to?

Virtuous Veg - 11SP on all plans (Green, Blue and Purple)Chicken Delight - 12SP ~ above Green, and 11SP ~ above Blue and Purple Tuna & Sweetcorn - 14SP top top Green, and 13SP on Blue and also Purple Ham & Garlic Mushroom - 14SP on all plansBBQ Steak 'N' Chicken - 16SP on all plans




Get your taste sprout tingling with a tasty starter to whet her appetite. 

The BBQ chicken wing (which are gluten-free) are 10SP on the Green, Blue and Purple plans.

Or, keep it standard with the garlic bread, i m sorry is 17SP across all three plans. With mozzarella cheese it's an extr 7SP, happen the total up come 24SP. Why not share with a friend for every the taste yet only half the SmartPoints?

The Pizza Hut menu is likewise brilliant at catering for vegans, with plenty of choices for starters, mains and desserts. If small rolls filled v sweet chilli, BBQ jackfruit and vegan cheese sounds choose a winner, order yourself the new Jack ‘N’ roll for 12SP ~ above Green, Blue and also Purple.

Plus, as soon as you order any type of main you have the right to fill up at Pizza Hut's well known salad bar because that free! Most items will certainly be 0SP on every plans (with the exemption of sweetcorn if you're on Green), yet you'll must track things prefer sauces, coleslaw, bacon pieces and also potato salad. Her ZeroPoint™ foodstuffs list and also the WW app can assist you out.

How to monitor on the WW app: just scroll come 'Browse restaurants' on your My job screen, tap 'Restaurant name' and type 'pizza hut' into the search bar, climate scroll or search for your meal. Uncover out much more about tracking top top the app.




It's time to get down to company with the main attraction - pizza!

4SP per part on all 3 plans: Hawaiian individual slim crust (11"), Veggie individual slim crust (11") and also the Vegan Veggie individual thin crust (11")5SP per slice on all three plans: Margherita separation, personal, instance pan crust (9")6SP per part on all 3 plans: Meat Feast individual pan crust (9”)

Gluten-free? The gluten-free standard margherita separation, personal, instance pan late (9”) is 5SP per part on all three plans. Most pizzas can be make on a gluten-free base, however remember to examine the SmartPoints values on the app as they'll vary depending on your an option of pizza. 

In the mood for sharing? provide one of this pizzas a try:

8SP per part on all three plans: Hawaiian sharing pan tardy (13")9SP per part on all 3 plans: Veggie Pepperphoni share stuffed crust (14")10SP per slice on all three plans: Meat feast sharing ingredient crust (14")


More mains


If pizza isn't pushing your buttons, Pizza Hut have actually some very delicious pasta dishes because that you to select from, including the Lasagne and Classic Mac 'n' Cheese i beg your pardon are 28SP on all three plans

Or, possibly you're in the mood for something fully different! try the BBQ Americano chicken melt for 10SP throughout all 3 plans (with no sides). Add oven baked fries for an additional 11SP or corn ~ above the cob (three wheels) for secondary 8SP.

If you're to run a small low ~ above SmartPoints, the naked chicken melt at 4SP on every plans (with no sides) is a good option. 




Fancy miscellaneous cheeky ~ above the side? Tuck into these tasty choices (SP values room the very same for all three plans):

Southern fried nuggets: 7SPGarlic bread: 9SPHot dog bites: 12SPCheesy 'bite bites': 14SP




Got room for dessert? The chocolate chip cookie dough is 30SP and the salted caramel cookie dough is 25SP ~ above all 3 plans.

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Get a proper chocolate fix with the hot coco brownie for 29SP on all plans. Share v a friend or tap right into your weeklies if you have to - that's what they're over there for, after all.

If you'd prefer to complete your meal through something lighter, the Ice Cream manufacturing facility ice cream is only 7SP per 100g (without toppings and also sauces) throughout all three plans. Now that’s absolutely something to smile about!