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In this activity, students will observe the germination the a plant from a seed, and explore what components are essential for growth. Planting a "Bean Garden" in a clear cup or bag provides a show for just how the roots, stems and also leaves develop.

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Plants play vital role in the herbal world. Not just are they a healthy part of our meals, providing nutrients, vitamins, minerals, fibre and also water, however they are also the basic of the entire food web! Plants usage solar power to grow, producing sugars that animals eat come live and grow together well.

Seeds germinate or "sprout" once the moisture and temperature conditions signal come the embryonic plant within the safety seed cloak that problems outside are great to begin to grow.


The seed grows small roots and also shoots that push through the surface ar of the soil. The shoots develop into a small seedling—branches v leaves.


The seedling grows right into a mature plant and grows flowers, fruits, pipeline or nuts the contain seeds.


watch the germination the a seed.

Identify the basic parts of a seed and also plant.

Identify what is essential to enable germination for a seed and also growth because that a plant.

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Per Student:bean seed (pinto bean or scarlet runner beans work well)paper towelsclear plastic cup or ziplock bagwaterspace ~ above a sunny windowsill

Key Questions

how long does it take for the seed to sprout? What part of the plant shows up first? exactly how much go it thrive each day? Does your plant grow quicker in a clear spot or a shady spot?

What come Do

Soak bean seeds in water overnight. This softens them and also helps them to sprout.Fold a paper towel in half or thirds. Use it to line the sides and the bottom of the cup/bag. Scrunch a second record towel and use the to fill the middle of the cup/bag, come keep whatever in place.Dampen the paper towels through water. Don’t soak them!Slide a few bean seeds in between the paper towel and the political parties of the cup/bag, wherein they can be plainly seen. TEACHER TIP: perform not slide the beans every the way to the bottom the the cup/bag therefore the root have an are to grow visibly downwards.Put the cup/bag in a clear spot and keep the document towel damp. Bags deserve to be taped directly onto a window!Draw or photo the seeds every job to store track of the changes. TEACHER TIP: incorporate a leader for range to allow measurement of growth over time.


Measure and also graph the development of your seedling. Develop a pooled data collection of the course bean plant growth. What trends are seen? comment on how development is different between types of tree (e.g. Ferns vs pole beans vs apple trees vs cedar trees). Why would certainly this be? develop a regulated experiment to research the variables effecting bean growth (variables could include light, water, temperature). examine the effects of fertilizer or soil together a variable effecting growth.

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