When you earn the Eon Flute throughout the events in Sootopolis City, you’ll have the ability to Soar on the earlier of Mega Latios/Mega Latias, flying roughly the Hoenn an ar in a very cost-free manner. Besides being an incredible experience, there space some things you have the right to only conference while soaring.

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Flying Pokemon¶

Firstly, together you fly over Hoenn, you’ll see assorted flocks that birds. If girlfriend collide with among them, you’ll finish up battling some kind of bird Pokémon: as much as us know, the list listed below is every that can be uncovered in together a fashion.

Note: flying Pokémon:

Mirage Spots¶

As you Soar transparent the region, you’ll have the ability to see a number of reddish sparkles above various areas. If friend land there, at among these Mirage Spots, you’ll often have the ability to encounter Pokémon typically not indigenous to the Hoenn region, yet nevertheless there in the wild.

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In part cases, you’ll even discover legendary Pokémon! In any case, the range of Pokémon will be identified by the name of the Mirage Spot and also its location, as listed below. Keep in mind that they’ll not all be accessible to begin with; some will certainly disappear depending on the day and others have the right to be got by StreetPass.

Mirage Caves

Area FoundAvailable Pokémon
West of Rustboro CityBoldore, Graveler, Klink, Tynamo
South of path 107Unown
North of Fallarbor TownSlowpoke, Tynamo
North that Fortree CityExcadrill, Klink, Onix, Tynamo
North of route 122Ditto, Excadrill, Tynamo
North of path 124Boldore, Cofagrigus, Graveler, Klink
South of Pacifidlog TownCofagrigus, Slowpoke, Tynamo
Southeast HoennBoldore, Graveler, Onix, Tynamo

Area FoundAvailable Pokémon
West of route 105Forretress, Graveler, Happiny
South of course 109Audino, Sunkern
North of route 111Kricketune, Larvesta
West of path 114Petilil, Purugly, Sunkern, Tangela
North the Lilycove CityCherrim, Purugly, Sunkern, Tangela
East that Mossdeep CityCinccino, Glameow, Sunkern, Tangela
North of route 124Purugly, Sunkern, Tangela, Vulpix
South of course 132Audino, Petilil, Sunkern

Area FoundAvailable Pokémon
West of path 104Darmanitan, Venomoth, Xatu, Zebstrika
West the Dewford TownTangela, Venomoth, Xatu, Zebstrika
Next to course 114Darmanitan, Larvesta
On course 124Persian, Venomoth, Xatu, Zebstrika
East of path 125Porygon, Purugly
South the Pacifidlog TownAudino, Binacle, Graveler, Xatu
On course 132Ditto, Munna
South of course 134Graveler, Maractus, Venomoth, Xatu, Zebstrika

Area FoundAvailable Pokémon
West of path 104Donphan, Forrtress, Kricketune, Sawsbuck
North the Lilycove CityDonphan, Forrtress, Kricketune, Rufflet
East the Mossdeep CityAudino, Happiny, Tangela
North the Shoal CaveDarmanitan, Magby
South of path 129Elekid, Zebstrika
South of route 131Donphan, Forretress, Girafarig, Kricketune
Northeast HoennDonphan, Forretress, Kricketune, Vullaby
Southeast HoennCrustle, Graveler, Munna, Porygon, Xatu