Best answer: Yes, though, you have the right to only evolve Pokémon once you"ve to win the main game. After that, you deserve to send a Pokémon to the Luminous Cave. They will evolve, or you"ll discover what requirements have to be met because that the evolution to happen.

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So, you have the right to evolve Pokémon in secret Dungeon: Rescue Team DX?

Pokémon mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX is various from usual Pokémon games in the you play a Pokémon fairly than a Pokémon trainer. You"ll spend the game helping other Pokémon and also recruiting them to join your Rescue Team and also adventure with you. The flavor might be unusual, yet the video game is still about filling out your Pokédex, and also some of the Pokémon deserve to only be added to her team through evolution.

While girlfriend can catch evolved Pokémon transparent the game, you can"t do any kind of evolving till you"ve perfect the main story — but, yes! You have the right to do it. After ~ you complete the game, you"ll want to salary a visit to Whiscash Pond. From there, you"ll gain access to the Wonderous Cave in addition to your other unlocked dungeons. Send the Pokémon you desire to evolve there alone and designated together party leader, and if lock are all set to evolve, castle will.

The video game will inform you if they don"t meet a level requirement. You can then come ago when they"re leveled up, i m sorry usually simply takes a couple of runs in the game"s maintain dojo.

How execute you evolve Pokémon?

The stones and items that were provided to evolve Pokémon in the main series and vault versions of secret Dungeon have actually been abandoned here. Instead, some Pokémon have the right to only evolve with evolution Crystals. These deserve to be discovered in endgame dungeons and also are occasionally gained as a reward for performing jobs or offered by dungeon vendors. Since these resources can be tough to find, you must save them for Pokémon who evolutions aren"t simple to capture during your continuous adventures.

Evolution upgrades your Pokémon"s stats, though it can"t be reversed, for this reason make your decisions carefully. It"s an excellent for enhancing your starter and also partner Pokémon, who need to be used in part dungeons, however they will certainly sadly shed their cute scarves as soon as you perform it.

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Pokémon an enig Dungeon: Rescue Team DX also permits Mega Evolutions for part Pokémon. This requires an additional rare item, Empowerment Seeds, and likewise is only easily accessible once you"ve completed the key story. While continuous evolution is permanent, Mega development is a buff that will improve your Pokémon"s stats and also make all of their connected moves an essential hits because that a few floors the the dungeon you"re in. Those increases are extremely advantageous in the game"s tougher boss fights, so choose when to usage your seeds wisely.

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