get in the pressure in pounds per square foot listed below to obtain the worth converted come pounds every square inch.

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To transform a pound per square foot measurement to a lb per square customs measurement, division the push by the conversion ratio.

due to the fact that one lb per square customs is same to 144 pounds every square foot, you have the right to use this basic formula to convert:

For example, here"s just how to convert 500 pounds per square foot to pounds per square inch making use of the formula above.

Pounds every square foot and also pounds per square inch are both units supplied to measure pressure. Keep analysis to learn an ext about each unit of measure.

Pounds per Square Foot

One lb per square foot is the press of equal to one pound-force per square foot.

The pound per square foot is a us customary and imperial unit of pressure. Pounds per square foot can be abbreviated together psf; for example, 1 lb per square foot have the right to be written as 1 psf.

PSF have the right to be expressed utilizing the formula: 1 psf = 1 lbfft2

press in pounds per square foot room equal come the pound-force separated by the area in square feet.

Pounds per Square Inch

One pound per square inch is the push of same to one pound-force every square inch.

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The lb per square inch is a us customary and imperial unit the pressure. A pound per square inch is sometimes also referred to together a pound-force every square inch. Pounds every square inch deserve to be abbreviated together psi; because that example, 1 pound per square inch can be composed as 1 psi.

PSI have the right to be expressed making use of the formula: 1 psi = 1 lbfin2

push in pounds per square inch room equal to the pound-force split by the area in square inches.

Pound per Square Foot to lb Per Square customs Conversion Table

pound per square foot measurements converted come pounds per square inch Pounds per Square Foot Pounds every Square customs
1 psf 0.006944 psi
2 psf 0.013889 psi
3 psf 0.020833 psi
4 psf 0.027778 psi
5 psf 0.034722 psi
6 psf 0.041667 psi
7 psf 0.048611 psi
8 psf 0.055556 psi
9 psf 0.0625 psi
10 psf 0.069444 psi
20 psf 0.138889 psi
30 psf 0.208333 psi
40 psf 0.277778 psi
50 psf 0.347222 psi
60 psf 0.416667 psi
70 psf 0.486111 psi
80 psf 0.555556 psi
90 psf 0.625 psi
100 psf 0.694444 psi
200 psf 1.3889 psi
300 psf 2.0833 psi
400 psf 2.7778 psi
500 psf 3.4722 psi
600 psf 4.1667 psi
700 psf 4.8611 psi
800 psf 5.5556 psi
900 psf 6.25 psi
1,000 psf 6.9444 psi