When Pretty little Liars returns June 21, Alison, Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna will be smack dab in the center of a new “A” mystery. However viewers will get an additional surprise beforehand in Season 7: the return the Jenna Marshall.

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Actress Tammin Sursok, who plays the Liars’ frememy, shared an image of her manuscript for an upcoming episode on society media Wednesday evening. Sursok captioned the image, “SHE"S ago BITCHES!!!!! #jenna #jennaisback #missme #pll #prettylittleliars #justwait #beafraid

SHE'S earlier BITCHES. #jennaisback #pll #PrettyLittleLiars pic.twitter.com/37WF8PUeJc

— Tammin Sursok (

The critical time we witnessed Jenna, she to be cowering in are afraid of a freshly returned Alison and also the girls to be attending attending their school’s Masquerade Ice sphere in Season 5, episode 9. Jenna is infamously well-known as the younger stepsister that Toby Cavanaugh, that was blinded in an incident referred to together “the Jenna thing,” which take it place at an early stage in the series. Since then Jenna regained she sight but is losing it again.

Little is known about what occurred to Jenna due to the fact that Season 5. She is pointed out once during Season 6, while the girls space looking at old photos and also reminisce that Jenna was Lucas Gottesman’s day to their an elderly prom.

With the first episode that Pretty little Liars Season 7 already filmed, it is likely Jenna won’t do her appearance for number of episodes. But there are several inquiries we hope get answered upon she return.

What walk Jenna do during the time jump?

As we know, Pretty small Liars proficient a five-year time jump in the center of Season 6. The Liars went from high school students to women in their beforehand twenties v jobs, romances and other adult responsibilities. It will certainly be exciting to find out even if it is Jenna visited college, what career she has and also whether she"s in a relationship, married or has actually children.

Is Jenna blind again?

It was revealed during Season 5 the Jenna is going remote again. Her appearance in Season 7 will likely confirm whether she vision issues progressed.

Did Jenna keep in touch with Sydney Driscoll?

Jenna met Sydney Driscoll if she attended a institution for the visually impaired in Philadelphia. Sydney moves to Rosewood and also attends Rosewood High institution in Season 6; for a time, she and Jenna room a part of Alison’s average girl army. It is unlikely Jenna and Sydney’s relationship will be emphasize in Season 7, yet anything is possible.

Is Jenna a girlfriend or enemy?

Jenna has always been other of one outsider, through the Liars never discovering whether they can trust her. Together per Sursok’s photo, we deserve to likely suppose Jenna to it is in in the very same conspicuous role she’s alway been, with the Liars a bit on leaf at she return.

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Why is Jenna back in Rosewood?

During Season 6, the Liars go back to their hometown that Rosewood from their individual lives. In Season 7, we will likely discover out Jenna’s reason for returning to Rosewood, or if she ever before left. We have the right to assume she left Rosewood since she has actually not been affiliated in any kind of of significant events of the critical season, prefer Cece’s funeral.