You want to swim v dolphins, speak to the manta rays and also plunge into warm, decision clear dry waters? Interesting…

I yes, really love this job, and also I know for certain that all naval biologists feel the same. However I occasionally get the emotion that most of the college student and young “marine biologists to be” do not quite know the real meaning of gift a maritime biologist.

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Recently we had actually the amazing chance to have actually young Seychellois maritime enthusiasts to sign up with our team based at Four periods Resort Seychelles. Fred from Island institution Seychelles, a Save our Seas Foundation project, spent a week with us, when a team from the University the Seychelles joined us for a day.


It to be a great experience both because that them and for us; we had actually the chance, through the eyes of this young students, to realise just just how much occupational we bring out, exactly how many an abilities are forced to achieve our day-to-day routine tasks, and how little people generally know around what the job really entails.

And that inspired the subject of this blog!

There is no denying the it is true, this is one the ideal jobs in the world. We frequently live in breathtaking places and also sometimes we do have actually the chance to acquire close to amazing maritime creatures. But, the glamour is just a component of the story. Generally the the smallest part! in spite of what civilization think, swimming through dolphins is not specifically what all naval biologists do. It’s favor judging a publication by its cover.

So, together with my colleagues, marine Educators Jo and Charlotte, we determined to do a perform of the things you nothing know about this job. So, here it is, our height nine points you never knew about the life of a maritime biologist!

Marine biologists have to study a many to acquire where lock are. And they store on act it. Every life long. All. Life. Long. Marine biologists room super knowledgeable professionals. Most of them have actually a degree or two, often a Masters and also a PhD. They have spent period in the college library; when the rest of the world was clubbing, playing football, singing, they have learned to evaluate the “wonders” that chemistry or a math formula. And, if this is not enough, they recognize that castle will store on researching for their entire life if they desire to keep up with the pace of science. Something to think around before friend enroll in a maritime biology food – the researching is because that life!Marine biologists are obsessed v data collection and also data analysis. Databases, statistics and excel space an integral component of maritime biologist’s daily life. What else have the right to I say? it is it. In most cases, end the years they likewise develop a nice crazy passion for it. Yes, us do obtain excited around data; some type of weird survive instinct perhaps?!Marine biologists occupational in harsh conditions too! As much as we would like to phone call you the the life the a maritime biologist is filled v all-year round sun and crystal clear waters, we recognize from first-hand experience that ar work deserve to mean gift freezing cold, lashed by the rain and seasick ~ above a boat for hours at a time. No to forget that researching the sea could mean additionally studying the Artic, the Baltic Sea, the irish Sea and so on! and also anyway, even those who, like us, room working in dry waters sometimes have to face poor conditions: storms, monsoons and rainy periods are simply as lot a part of the video game as sunshine.Marine biologists space patient world and always have a “plan b”. Sometimes a “plan c” too. As glamorous and also fascinating as field work deserve to be, that can also test a marine biologist’s nerve. In fact, they could spend month onboard a research vessel, and come ago with no advantageous data, simply since the biology they to be looking for chose not to display up. And also when you space on a watercraft every day, trying to find something that does not show up, glamour and also excitement are increasingly harder and also harder come find…Marine biologist are an easy people, propelled by passion and also dedication fairly than noþeles else. If you desire a career in maritime biology since you think you are going to be featured top top David Attenborough next series and make most money, think again. Numerous opportunities, specifically at the start of our career, space voluntary and also their objective is just to gain field work experience. And even later, the money is the last thing marine biologists look for when they choose a job.

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Did we cite the lot of time spent on databases, R and also excel??Some marine biologists don’t put their feet in the water for months, yet rather spend most of their life in the lab. When I to be still a Masters college student researching brittlestars (so many years ago!) i spent most of mine time in the University’s basements, alone in the dark, functioning night and day at the ultramicrotome, making millions of slices of little brittlestars’ arms and also watching them on the microscope. The closest suffer to swimming in the sea was changing the filter in the rap aquarium…

However! We likewise have one more list…

Marine biologists really deserve to save the earth (one step at a time). Their research, your passion, their initiative in sharing your knowledge about marine life can shine a irradiate on different ways to save it and also really accumulate the change.Some, choose us, truly room lucky sufficient to occupational at the very least for a part of their resides in beautiful tropical locations, diving and also snorkeling with sharks, mantas and also schools that fish everyday.Being a maritime biologist way meeting a most interesting and inspiring human being from almost everywhere the world.Marine biologists understand that anyone is envious of your job, even if those human being don’t really recognize what it means!View from my office this morning!


And if friend STILL desire to be a naval biologist, take a look at the Wise Work section of the website, full of marine conservation jobs, expeditions, internships and courses.

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It’s the best job in the world and I would, the course, highly recommend it