I really need to put my sleep to the grindstone if I desire to obtain into a great college.

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Her ceo told her the if she puts her sleep to the grindstone, she can get a promotion next year.

Pop Quiz:

You can put your nose to the grindstone if…

A. You’re top top vacation.

B. Your boss gives you an important project to job-related on.

C. It’s her last day of work.

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The exactly answer is B. If her boss offers you something essential to work-related on, of course you’re walk to work hard and also do a great job – in other words, you’re going come put your nose to the grindstone. Now put your sleep to the grindstone! 

alejandra salamanca says:
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cpa.newyork. Our language learners constantly get much more than simply an education of English. Ours program likewise provides regular workshops, such together this one, top top topics concerned the community and American society as this are relevant to students’ lives.
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