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Basketball is a video game of skills, however natural and physical gifts often prove to it is in advantageous. Sometimes, it’s no just around height or strength; it may likewise boil down to having substantial mitts. Yes, people! Having large hands renders it easier to execute basketball dram such as disrupting passing lanes, grabbing rebounds, and finishing layups. So, who amongst the players past and present has the greatest hands in NBA history? Let’s take it a look in ~ NBA players past and also present to understand the answer.

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List the Other well known Basketball players Hand Sizes

At this point, we already know around Giannis Antetokounmpo’s hand size, Kawhi Leonard’s hand size, and some that the best hand size in NBA history. Now, what around other well known basketball players’ hand sizes?

LeBron James

Bron’s hand dimension is substantial for a normal person being but just fell quick when comparing it v his fellow greats. James’ hand dimensions are approximated to be ripe inches long and 9.25 inch wide. 

Kobe Bryant

Bryant, favor LeBron, has a pair of mitts the are about nine customs long. Again, long sufficient to brag around in a bar, but fell a couple of inches short comparing come the various other giants.

Zion Williamson

If Williamson has actually participated in the 2019 draft Combine, we would have actually official measurements of his hands. Even so, the battle each other product has hands contempt bigger 보다 LeBron James– 9.25 customs long and also 9.5 inches wide.

Anthony Davis

AD has numerous physical tools, but apparently, huge mitts are not a part of those. Davis reportedly has actually hands nine inches long and 8.5 customs wide. What he lacks in the hand size department, he consisted of for in wingspan and vertical leap. Ad reportedly has a 7-foot-6 wingspan and a 36-inch upright leap the made him practically untouchable increase in the air.

Kyrie Irving

Irving’s hand reportedly procedures 8.3 customs long and 9.3 customs wide. That’s not bad at all and also probably among the factors why the has terrific handles and also finishing abilities.

Russell Westbrook

Westbrook’s hand are approximated to be around 8.2 inches in length. That might be smaller sized than others in this list, yet that is quiet 10% much longer than the dimension of an typical American’s hand.

While we’d favor to officially include them in this list, there are a pair of players that have to not make this list but deserves a one-of-a-kind mention. After all, they both play in the NBA because that a number of years, although the did no pan out as well as they would have actually hoped.

Greg Smith

Smith go undrafted in 2011 ~ foregoing 2 years that eligibility in ~ Fresno State. That’s probably because he to be not specifically athletic, however he had some physical tools that you can not teach. In fact, Smith has the biggest hands measured in an NBA Draft integrate at 9.75 inch long and also 12 inches wide! The last is equal to Shaq’s estimated hand span and longer 보다 99.9% of the NBA.

Royce White

White was more than likely remembered as the talented child who’s afraid of heights– literally! however now, you know that he additionally has a humongous pair of hands, measure officially in ~ 9.5 inches long and also 11.5 inches wide.

Quincy Acy

Acy to be only recognized to hardcore NBA fans, and it’s straightforward to know why: that averaged much less than five points and also less than four rebounds for nine periods in the NBA. However, he likewise has hand measured as one of the longest in the 2012 breeze combine– 9.5 inch long and also 11 inch wide. Just Andrew Nicholson’s hands to be longer, and also only Royce White’s hands were broader in the Draft class.

Wrapping things Up: 21 biggest Hands in Basketball in NBA History

Having substantial hands is a massive advantage in basketball, especially in controlling rebounds, prevent shots, and also playing the passing lanes. Some of the finest defensive presences in the background of the NBA are had in this list: bill Russell, wilt Chamberlain, Kawhi Leonard, and also Michael Jordan. That course, Jordan and Chamberlain were likewise among the most explosive scorers in the league’s history.

We can not say for certain that big hands negatively (or positively) results shooting. Some clinical proofs and also basketball experts allude to finger strength (not finger length) to recognize shooting accuracy. However, one point is because that sure: If you have that God-given attribute, climate do whatever in your power to use it to your advantage.

We would additionally like to include that us may have actually missed players in the NBA before who haven’t had the opportunity to be officially measured. Together you can see, there to be no accessible data because that the retirement giants like note Eaton, Manute Bol, or Gheorghe Muresan. The NBA Draft combine only began measuring hand size in 2010, and the height prospects in this showcases rarely take part in these events. Therefore, the likes the Anthony Davis and LeBron James were never ever officially measured.

To be honest, we room not surprised about the names below on this list. We space sure you expected Shaquille O’Neal, Michael Jordan, Boban Marjanovic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and Kawhi Leonard in here. There space some names choose Connie Hawkins and Wayne Embry and also current players choose Harry Giles and DaQuan Jeffries, that may not be together familiar.

What we uncover interesting in this perform was around Rajon Rondo’s freaky hand measurements compared to his height. Rondo’s hand length and span equal somebody who might be about 7-foot-1 as much as 7-foot-5. Similarly, it’s a tiny unexpected to find out that LeBron James has a pretty mean hand size (just choose Kobe Bryant’s) and also that Anthony Davis’ hand dimensions are actually pretty small.

With that being said, while we think that physical characteristics are critical to the success the a basketball player, it’s more important to incorporate it through skill and basketball IQ. If you do that, even if it is you have actually the greatest hands in NBA background or the smallest, you will probably separate you yourself from the remainder of the field. If you don’t, you’re more than likely going to finish up together a large “What if?” in the eye of the fans.

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