As the location says, I want to watch this anime in the exactly timeline. I've currently completed seasons 1 and 2 therefore there's most likely something I've missed. I've gained 2 questions. Are the movies, OVA's, specials and also other stuff disconnected native the illustration like exactly how the occasions of the Pokemon movies room never stated in the episodes? If not, wherein does the movies, OVA's, specials and also other stuff fit in in between the episodes?


About the anime, the skips a most canonical chapters in the manga, to add it has too countless fillers. On the other hand, most of the OVAs episodes follow the manga not favor the movies that room not regarded the key story. Also though that i really enjoy the anime, OVAs and movies. Ns think they space pretty an excellent specially the second movie :) Of course after you end up the anime I would strongly suggest you to check out the manga from the beginning. The is worth :D

I think several of the main personalities don't display up in the movies where they weren't yet presented in the anime, but other 보다 that no.

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The movies and also ovas room disconnected yet close to the last seasons. There is one intro theme tune of the third or 5th season the suck, don't permit that bother you come the point of not finishing the anime.

It had its time. The manga has been finished because that 20 years. It'd be remarkable to view the collection return, but it's rather unlikely to occur IMO. Also Sailor Moon and also InuYasha had to finish at part point.

It's better to allow something end up on a good note than let it traction on because that ever and also ever, degrading the story.

The episodic nature of Ranma makes bulk of its episodes pretty disconnected. In general, when the major characters room revealed you have the right to watch lock in any type of order friend please, uneven it's part of prolonged arc (e.g. Pantyhose Taro arc).

In regards to where castle fit in, it's for sure to say the all the OVAs come after ~ the critical anime episode because the very first OVA is an adaptation of the arc the comes instantly after the critical episode and every subsequent OVA bring away one arc native the next manga volume.

In regards to movies, there's no clean indication regarding where lock fit in aside from the truth that it's part time after every the characters are introduced.

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For specials, I can only yes, really vouch for one in particular, "Tendo Family's stroked nerves Acquaintances!", which supposedly take away place roughly "Ranma vs. Mousse! To lose Is to Win" episode.