This drinking song was composed by Brett and Jim Beavers v Brad and also Brett Warren; Solo is a brand the disposable cups that are regularly filled through beer native a keg and found scattered around the following morning after the party. "I don"t remember that played it for me the an initial time, however it was so stupid ns just passed away laughing," recalled Keith. "What"s an excellent about this track is it does anyone the same means it go me: "That"s the stupidest tune in the world and also I can"t gain it out of my head." i laugh every time ns hear it. Occasionally it"s good for the people to hear something like that."
When Keith chose to document the tune he determined that the didn"t desire to make it his variation of what the Beavers and Warren brothers wrote. Instead, he decided to do them component of it. The said: "We lugged them in when we cut it, to play and sing background, for this reason it yes, really sounds prefer them."
Keith described the song"s meaning: "The tune is basically a bunch that frat party civilization getting hammered, drinking the end of a red Solo cup and all the stupid stuff they do. Lock actually prayer the red Solo cup for all the essential things and usages the it has. You"re going to find it yes, really stupid yet you"ll be to sing it the following day when you wake up."
How plenty of celebrities deserve to you name in the star-studded music video? If friend recognized all of Larry Bird, Lance Burton, Eric Church, roger Clemens, Jeff Dunham, Craig Ferguson, Sammy Hagar, Joe Nichols and Ted Nugent, us say price yourself with a red cup filled with your favourite beverage!
The Beavers and also Warren brothers never intended the song to it is in pitched come anyone come record, however Keith gained to listen the tune after someone who worked for him played it.

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Michaela indigenous Atkinson, NhI uncover this song entirely idiotic and also yet amazingly catchy and also fun! ns am a big Toby Keith fan, he"s a good person and also an awesome entertainer/performer (as I have actually seen the in concert recently). Ns wouldn"t hear to this specific song on my own but if it were to which the radio, I likely would not adjust the station. Karen from Manchester, NhWorst song ever, with the worst lyrics ever, supported by the worst video ever (celeb cameos execute NOT do a good video). It has never made me laugh, or even smile. As quickly as it come on, I adjust the channel/station. Toby Keith has actually steadily declined in the past few years.see much more comments
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