First, let’s acknowledge this no Highlander; there can, in fact, it is in two. Both brands have actually multiple flavors and also varieties of licorice and licorice-adjacent twists, therefore while the classic Red Vine might beat the standard Strawberry twisted in her book, you might harbor a soft spot for the occasional pull ‘N’ Peel, as this writer does. It’s also possible to like them both just fine, or like them both no at all. And also yes, you will get a possibility to take it sides—or not—in this battle, under at the bottom of the page. Us will pick a victor, and also it will certainly be completely arbitrary, and you can go on living her life.

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Longevity: exactly how long walk it stay edible?

Last week, i bought a 7 oz. Peg bag (that’s the hanging kind) parcel of Twizzlers Strawberry Twists, and also a 5 oz. Tray parcel of the original Red Vines. I ate some. They were good. Then ns left lock on the coffee table, unsealed, overnight.

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The licorice twist is among the many ubiquitous movie theatre candies well-known to humankind. The odds of buying a package at the theater—or, if you’re favor me, to buy a package at a 7-Eleven and also sticking it in your purse beside your flask and also your bag of tiny quesadillas—and leaving through it opened but unfinished, are an extremely high. That way when you return to said twists, it’s relatively likely that you’ll encounter a fair little bit of staleness. I want to recognize which would certainly fare better, the Vines or the Twizzlers?

The prize is neither. The Red Vines were softer, but in neither instance was the a pleasant experience.