Check engine lights are designed to alert you to a trouble with her vehicle. However, you may have fixed the issue, however not reset the light.

In this instances, it’s crucial to know just how to reset the inspect engine light on her Chevy Malibu.

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How do you reset the check engine light on a Chevy Malibu? 

There is conflict information about this. Part owners state the you have the right to remove the battery cable for two minutes, and then placed it back on. Others say it requires a code reader come erase the error codes. 

Many Malibu owners having problems with their inspect engine light staying on.

We’ll cover how to reset the examine engine light on her Chevy Malibu. You’ll additionally learn what you must know around the inspect engine light, and what to do once it comes on. We’ll additionally look in ~ the troubles Malibu owners frequently encounter.

What You need to Know about the check Engine Light

As vehicles included computers and sensors into their systems, manufacturers started using diagnostic password to determine problems. In 1996, the OBD-2 protocol to be released. Instead of every manufacturer making use of its very own system, the OBD-2 detailed a global list that codes.

A diagnostic code reader is plugged right into the OBD port, which is located underneath the steering column. The password is displayed, which suggests the problem. This is draft for more than convenient repairs. It’s linked to the car’s emissions system.

The inspect engine light deserve to come top top for numerous reasons, yet they are usually related to your engine not running properly. This can cause rise in emissions as well as problems through the engine itself.

However, mundane issues like forgetting to put your gas lid on can also cause the irradiate to come on.

On the Chevy Malibu, the check engine light is a yellow dashboard light in the shape of an engine. If it remains on, it suggests a boy problem. This doesn’t call for emergency service, yet shouldn’t it is in ignored because that a long period of time.

If the irradiate is flashing, it indicates a more serious problem. It’s way to find the problem as conveniently as possible, and also get the necessary repairs.

How to Reset the check Engine light on a Chevy Malibu


There are a couple of things to consider when attempting to reset your check engine light. The very first is if yes a problem with the engine that requirements to it is in repaired. If the examine engine light is to work properly, it will certainly come on once something isn’t best with her vehicle.

If you repair the problem, girlfriend should have the ability to reset the inspect engine light and also expect that to stay off. However, if the problem has no been fixed, the light will merely come ago on again.

If your auto is equipped through OnStar, you deserve to opt to receive diagnostic reports. If you have actually a payment plan, you can press the OnStar button and an certified dealer will check all the diagnostic programs on your vehicle.

Many Chevrolet dealerships will do a totally free diagnostic check to identify the factor your check engine light is on. Girlfriend can likewise take the vehicle to an independent mechanic, or acquisition your very own diagnostic tool.

The simplest means to reset the engine light is to eliminate the an unfavorable battery terminal cable for 2 minutes, and also then replace it. If this doesn’t reset the light, you will need to use a password reader to erase the error codes. This must reset the light.

Problems through the Chevy Malibu

Many Malibu owners room finding the these approaches aren’t working for the Malibu. There room multiple reports of owners bringing their vehicle to the dealership and also having the light reset. Shortly after it come on again.

The 2017 and 2018 Malibus it seems ~ to have actually the most problems, through some report the problem with the 2019 model as well.

There’s currently a class action lawsuit concerning an abrupt lose of power. The diminished engine strength dash light come on, and the rate of the car is abruptly reduced. This is dangerous because that those travel on a highway or interstate at high speeds.

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The problem seems to it is in the digital throttle control and pedal positioning sensor. The digital throttle regulate electronically connect the gas pedal come the throttle. As soon as it malfunctions, the auto isn’t receiving the blog post to use the accelerator correctly.