The Math.round() duty in JavaScript is provided to round the number passed together parameter come its nearest integer.

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SyntaxMath.round(value)Parameters :

The number to it is in rounded come its nearest integer.

Returns :

Result after rounding the number passed together a parameter to the role passed together parameter.

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Below space some instances to illustrate the Math.round() function:Rounding turn off a number come its nearest integer: come round off a number to its nearest integer, the math.round() function should be implemented in the complying with way:

Output:Number after round off : 6Rounding off a an adverse number to its nearest integer: The Math.round() function itself rounds turn off a an unfavorable number as soon as passed together parameter to it. To round turn off a an adverse number to its nearest integer, the Math.round() role should be implemented in the following way:
Output:Number after round off : -6Math.round() function, once parameter has “.5” as decimal: listed below program reflects the an outcome of Math.round() role when the parameter has actually “.5” in decimal.
Output:Number after rounding : -12Number after round off : 13Errors and also Exceptions1. A non-numeric string passed together parameter returns NaN2. An array with much more than 1 integer passed together parameter return NaN3. An empty variable passed together parameter return NaN4. An empty string passed together parameter return NaN5. One empty array passed together parameter return NaNBelow room some instances that illustrate the Math.floor() function in JavaScript:
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