THE Madagascar movies simply wouldn't it is in the same without the flamboyant King Julien.

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But fans are frequently left wondering who actually voices the all-singing and dancing cartoon ring tailed lemur.

King Julien is a renowned character in the Madagascar movies

Who played King Julien in the Madagascar films?

King Julien XIII is a significant character in the Madagascar franchise and is likewise the anti-hero that The Penguins of Madagascar, and the key protagonist of every Hail King Julien.

He was previously the King that Madagascar until he chose to sign up with the Zoosters top top their method back to brand-new York and ended up landing in Africa instead.

He loves to dance, and is well known for his rendition of I favor To relocate It in the first movie.

The character has actually to be voiced by two actors - Sacha Baron Cohen and also Danny Jacobs.


Sacha Baron Cohen to be the an initial actor come voice King JUlienCredit: Getty images - Getty

Sacha Baron Cohen (2005 come 2008)

Sacha is known for his incredible selection of voices and also characters.

He was the very first actor to come up through King Julien's sound and also peronality.

Sacha to be the voice of King Julien in the first two movies.

He stop in 2008 come pursue other projects.


Danny Jacobs is the current voice the King JulienCredit: IMDB

Danny Jacobs (2008 to present)

Danny took over from Sacha in 2008 and also is the existing voice that King Julien.

The gibbs made his voice exhilaration debut in 1999 v an uncredited function in complete Blast.

Danny started his duty of King Julien in The Penguins of Madagascar TV present (2008–2015) and also has reprised his duty in the Christmas distinct Merry Madagascar (2009), the Valentine's Day distinct Madly Madagascar (2013), and also All Hail King Julien (2014–2017).

His huge screen debut as King Julien was in Madagascar 3.


Fans love the all-singing and also dancing cartoon ring tailed lemur Credit: Alamy

How plenty of Madagascar films are there?

The Madagascar films have become substantial since the first one to be released on 2005.

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There have actually been 3 movies in the franchise:



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Madagascar (2005)Escape 2 Africa (2008)Europe's many Wanted (2012)But there has likewise been several TV specials and also a Christmas television movie.


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