transparent Naruto and also a lot of Naruto Shippuden friend can clearly see that Naruto has a many affection towards Sakura. Various times he tries to ask she out and also the like but it never goes very well for him. Us do at some point learn later on in "Naruto:the Last" that Naruto"s feelings for Sakura were another way for that to complete with Sasuke, but his feelings cannot be just denied.

My concern is: has actually Sakura ever shown signs that love, no friendship, in the direction of Naruto transparent the series? When?


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I don"t agree through the answer above or any type of answer top top the internet for that matter. Ns watched Naruto Shippuden dubbed and also subbed and also to mine understanding, Sakura did build feelings for Naruto (and human being usually skip those episodes since they room fillers).

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After beating Pain, Sakura recalls she days through Naruto (not Sasuke) and realizes that she has developed feelings for him. Later (in canon episodes), she decides to eliminate Sasuke herself due to the fact that she feeling responsible for it somehow. Sometimes, fillers space made to song the main story and you must not skip these filler if you prefer watching this show.

Every answer i saw explained the case poorly, for this reason I made decision to pen under the genuine story, in mine belief.

Sakura did choose Naruto, however the problem is the she was no mature enough and also believed it s her "deserving" because that Naruto, as he to be a hero, uneven Sasuke. She risked sabotaging Naruto and also Hinata"s story for her reasons. ~ above the plus side, Naruto knew Sakura was not supposed for she so the downright claims her "No" on illustration 206 (Sakura"s feelings).

Later in series, she realized she "true" feelings towards Sasuke as he helped Naruto defeating Kaguya and got what she deserved (abandoned and also knocked by she dear loverboy, whose thorns she desperately required for 6 years)

Update:I rewatched the whole Shippuden again, and also my brand-new conclusions in which method contradict this (my old answer). So right here it is:

Sakura loves Naruto, yet only platonic. She shares sympathy with him and they are an excellent friends. She cares about him and that"s why she confessed she love.There are two side-effects in the cannon due to the fact that of this:1. Naruto realizes that Sakura have the right to never be along with him (the same episode Sakura proposes come Naruto). The realizes the he actually never ever loved Sakura himself. And also that was the moment he knew Sakura and also Sasuke belongs together. Writer bland the story beautiful there. And also because of this, his self-righteous self pressures him come sacrifice self to bring ago Sasuke. He simply couldn"t allow Sakura endure anymore. As he owes the to Sasuke. 2. Sakura acquired some real warmth after this step from fans, together she appeared to ignore Hinata. But for me, this scene to be pure satisfaction, she being rejected by our hero.

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Sakura belonged to Sasuke. Naruto knew this. The was a pivoting moment of the plot. If Sakura had actually never confessed she love, Naruto more than likely went for a kill in the fight adhered to that episode. And also we know he might easily swamp Sasuke as he was exhausted from the Danzo fight. Yet again, most likely Obito intervened earlier, however in any type of case, the story would rotate differently. For this reason yeah, Sakura loved Naruto. But not as lot as she love Sasuke. She had undying respect for the former.