Every February, America observes a very special occasion referred to as Black background Month. This observance serves as a time to remember and celebrate the countless amazing accomplishments of African-Americans and their importance to our country’s history.

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Black history Month began in 1926 as Negro background Week, a main of celebration it was observed in mid-February. In 1976 the was increased to come to be Black background Month, and it currently stands together a exorbitant tribute to the numerous exceptional African-Americans who have actually graced ours country’s history.

This video highlights just some that the amazing African-Americans us celebrate throughout Black history Month.

Additional Resources:

Topics because that Discussion:

What are few of the qualities the African-Americans presented above share in common?Which the the African-Americans shown over inspires friend the most? Why?

Take Action:

Visit your neighborhood library for books that will certainly teach you more about Black history Month and the African-Americans that celebrates!

Teacher Features:

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