The Galaxy lineup consists of Samsung’s flagship phones for each year and they are really popular amongst the consumers. Every year new features room shipped out with gadgets that provide an magnified experience come the users. One such function was the Fingerprint Scanner that scans your biometrics prior to letting you accessibility your phone. This attribute has come to be a conventional one because that most tools that exist nowadays and also some even carry out “In Display” Fingerprint Sensors.

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However, quite recently a lot of reports have actually been coming in that the fingerprint sensors ~ above Galaxy tools not functioning properly. The sensors don’t register the user’s finger and the call is not unlocked. This trouble has been watched to recur for every Galaxy an equipment every once in a while.

What avoids the Fingerprint Scanners from working Properly?

After receiving plenty of reports indigenous frustrated individuals we determined to inspection the issue and also formed a list of solutions after implementing which the trouble went far for most of the users. Also, we established the reasons due to which the difficulty is motivated and listed them below.

Hardware Issue: It is feasible that the Fingerprint sensor top top your an equipment has quit working due to an problem with the hardware that means either the sensor is damaged or an essential part within the phone that handles the Fingerprint scanning has actually been damaged. That is very important to determine the hardware concern from the software application ones because the software worry can be resolved easily and hardware problems can just be addressed by acquisition the phone call to acquire it serviced.Software Issue: It is feasible that the Android software set up on your machine has no been correctly configured to use the Fingerprint scanning feature which is avoiding the function from working properly.Corrupt Data: Once you enter the trusted fingerprints in the settings the an equipment stores the data in the database and every time you try to unlock the maker with the fingerprint sensor the database is accessed and also the data from the sensor is matched v the data in the phone’s storage and only if it matches the an equipment is unlocked. That is possible that the data stored in the phone’s storage has actually been corrupted because of which the fingerprint sensor is not working.Fingerprint Sensor Gestures: It is feasible that the “Fingerprint Gestures” function of the maker is bring about an discontinuity with essential system functions due to which the fingerprint sensor is not functioning properly.Cache: Sometimes, the cache save on the an equipment might have actually been corrupted. This corrupt cache have the right to interfere with important system features one of them gift the Fingerprint scanner.

Now that you have actually a straightforward understanding the the nature of the problem we will relocate on towards the solutions. Make certain to perform these remedies in the details order in which castle are provided to avoid any type of conflicts.

Solution 1: check Biometric Hardware

In bespeak to figure out whether the issue lies in ~ the hardware or the software, we will certainly be conducting a test on the sensor. Because that that:

Unlock her phone and also tap ~ above the “Dialer” icon.Note: Make certain to open the stock Dialer that come preinstalled in the phone.Inside the dialer, type*#0* ” and also tap top top the “Call” button.
Typing “*#0*” in the dialerThe diagnostics menu will currently open up, tap on the “Sensors” options and then on the “Fingerprint Scanner” test from there.
Tapping top top the “Sensors” OptionPut your finger top top the scanner and check to check out if the is working properly.If the scanner detects her finger and functions properly that means it is not a hardware issue and can be fixed with the methods listed below.If the scanner doesn’t detect the finger it method you will have to take that into company as the is a hardware issue.

Solution 2: Checking for Updates

There were numerous instances whereby the Android software detailed by the Samsung wasn’t effectively configured and it malfunctioned as result of which the fingerprint sensor was not working. Therefore, in this step, us will examine to see if any update is accessible to settle the software problem. For that:

Drag under the notification panel and tap on the “Settings” icon.Dragging under the notification panel and also tapping on the “Settings” iconInside the settings, tap ~ above the “Software Update” or ~ above the “About Device” choice for older models.
Scrolling down to the bottom and also clicking top top the “About Device” optionTap ~ above the “Software” option and then on the “Software Update” option.Tap ~ above the “Check for Updates” option and wait if the phone check for new updates.If brand-new updates space available, tap on the “Download Updates Manually” option.
Clicking on the “Download to update Manually” optionWait while the updates are downloaded and tap top top the “Install now” option.
Tapping ~ above the “Install Now” optionThe phone will now be restarted and brand-new Android will be installed.

Solution 3: Disabling Fingerprint Gestures

Sometimes, the fingerprint gestures feature can interfere v the fingerprint scanning feature and prevent it from working properly. Therefore, in this step, we will certainly be disabling the Fingerprint Gestures Feature. Because that that:

Drag under the notifications panel and also tap on the “Settings” icon.Dragging down the notice panel and also tapping top top the “Settings” iconIn the settings, tap ~ above the “Advanced Features” option.Tapping ~ above “Advanced Features”Tap ~ above the “Finger Sensor Gestures” toggle come disable it.Restart the phone and check to see if the worry persists.

Solution 4: Adding new Fingerprints

It is feasible that the database whereby the fingerprints room stored has actually been corrupted due to which the attribute is not functioning properly. Therefore, in this step, we will certainly be re-establishing the database and deleting the old data. For that:

Drag under the notifications panel and tap top top the “Settings” icon.Dragging under the notification panel and also tapping top top the “Settings” iconTap top top the “Lock Screen & Security” option.Tap ~ above the “Fingerprint scanner” option and also then enter your password or pin code
Tapping on the “Fingerprint Scanner” optionTap ~ above the “Trash Can” icon next to the Fingerprints that have actually been mounted to delete them.Repeat the procedure for all the mounted fingerprints and also reboot the phone.Now drag down the notifications panel and also tap on the “Settings” icon.Dragging under the an alert panel and also tapping top top the “Settings” iconTap top top the “Applications” option and also then ~ above the “Three Dots” in the top right corner.
Tapping top top the applications choice inside settingsTap ~ above the ” FingerprintASM” app and also then on the “Storage” option.Tapping ~ above the storage optionTap on the “Clear cache” button and then ~ above the “Clear Data” button.
Tapping ~ above the “Clear Data” and the “Clear Cache” optionNavigate back to the list of applications and now tap on the “Fingerprint Authenticator” app.Tap on the “Storage” option and then top top the “Clear Cache” and also “Clear Data” buttons.Now Navigate ago to the “Lock Screen & Security” options and tap on the “Fingerprints” option.
Tapping top top the “Fingerprint and Security” OptionTap top top the “Add a new Fingerprint” button and continue through the verification process.Once the Fingerprint is added, lock the screen and check to watch if the concern persists.

Solution 5: clean everything Cache Partition

In part cases, the cache save on computer on the device can become corrupted and start interfering with vital system functions. Therefore, in this step, we will be clean everything the cache partition. For that:

Press and also hold the strength button and tap on the “Power Off” option.
Tapping ~ above the power off optionPress and also hold the “Volume Down“, “Home” and also the “Power” switch on the larger devices and the “Volume Down“, “Bixby” and also the “Power” switch on more recent devices.
Button allocation top top Samsung DevicesRelease the “Power button” as soon as the Samsung Logo is displayed and all the buttons as soon as the “Android” logo design is displayed.
Releasing the power key on Samsung’s boots logoThe an equipment might display “Installing System Updates” for a while.Use the Volume down vital to navigate under the list and highlight the “Wipe Cache Partition” option.
Highlighting the Wipe Cache Partition option and pressing the power buttonPress the “power” switch to select the option and wait for the procedure to be completed.Navigate through the list with the “Volume Downbutton and pressPower” switch when the “Reboot System Now” choice is highlighted.
Highlighting the “Reboot mechanism Now” option and also pressing the “Power” buttonThe call will currently be rebooted, check to see if the problem persists.
by Kevin ArrowsMarch 29, 2020
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Fix: Fingerprint Sensor not working in Galaxy S Phones

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