In the very an initial episode of the show, Sara didn’t even work at the crime lab with Gil; she worked in mountain Francisco. After the fatality of among their new CSIs, Grissom announced come the team the he would certainly be calling in one old friend to take care of their internal affairs. Her name was Sara.

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1x02: Cool Change

When Sara arrived, it to be clear the 2 were close friends. The precise details of there partnership were no made clear, the only thing revealed was the Gil had actually the upmost trust in Sara.

Sara obtained on well with most of the various other CSIs. The sensitive situations through i m sorry she to be hired made that tougher for several of them to feel comfortable around her but it didn’t take lengthy for them to fall for she charm. And some dropped harder than others. She absolutely was no lacking any kind of male fist however, no one of it was reciprocated. With three various men openly gift interested in her, Sara to be surprisingly apathetic.

Although her and Grissom were simply friends, they had actually their same share of conflict. Sara to be temperamental and also emotional, when Gil to be distant and inaccessible. Nevertheless, she uncovered comfort in his calm knowledge, and he found excitement in her youthful brilliance. They were a unusual however perfect pair.


1x09: Unfriendly Skies

They continued merely as close friends. Flirty friends, but friends nobody the less. Castle both had actually feelings for one another, but at time Sara’s seemed stronger 보다 Gil’s. Native what we could see, Grissom was content through their platonic friendship but Sara was acquiring restless.

In season 3, Sara was caught in a lab explosion and was severely injured. Indigenous this, she got a newfound thirst for life. It gave her the courage to finally try to move the partnership forward. Once she asked him to dinner, the rejected.

About a year later, Sara challenged Grissom to ensure that there to be no uncomfortable feelings between them. At the very least none that would result in ramifications at work. This caught him off guard and rendered the speechless. Sara realized it to be a wrong to carry it up and also then left.


4x07:Invisible Evidence

A year later, Grissom got referred to as out to inspection the death of a young nurse with a remarkable resemblance to Sara. This brought about Gil to finally face the feelings the he had actually spent year suppressing.

In the interview v killer, Grissom claimed the following:

It’s sad isn’t it? men like us. A couple of center aged guys who have enabled their work to consume their lives. The just time we ever touch other people is once we’re wearing our latex gloves. We wake up up one day and realise the for 50 years us haven’t really live at all. Then all of a sudden we gain a 2nd chance. Somebody young and beautiful shows up, somebody, us could care about. She supplies us a new life through her, but we have a large decision come make, right? since we have to risk every little thing we’ve operated for in stimulate to have actually her. I couldn’t do it.But girlfriend did. Girlfriend risked the all. And also she proved you a exorbitant life, didn’t she? however then she took it away and also gave the to someone else, and you were lost. So friend took her life. You eliminated them both and now you have nothing.

After Grissom stated this to the suspect, the camera traction away and also revealed the Sara had actually been listening right into the interview the totality time.


4x12: Butterflied

In the year following, Grissom and also Sara worked practically every single case together. They seemed to be recovering native the event and were beginning to feel comfortable approximately each other again. Then, in the season finale we discovered out why lock were getting so friendly.


6x24: means to Go

In season 7, Grissom and Sara had actually to store their connection a secret from the remainder of the team. Come this day, it has actually not been clarified how or when they acquired together.

Season 7 was a romantic one. There were many scenes through intimate undertones and, return CSI continued to be true to it’s plot lines and also forensic integrity, they go indulge the relationship relatively often. The two were plainly smitten through each other. Conflicts concerning their clashing personalities were present but not prominent. They to be happy together.


7x21: Ending Happy

The end of the season ended dramatically. Sara came to be the last target of a serial killer Natalie Davis, the ‘Miniature Killer’. Natalie’s godfather, Ernie Dell, had admitted to her crimes and also committed self-destruction in an earlier episode to protect her native the police. Natalie organized Grissom personally responsible due to the fact that he strong suspected Ernie for all of the murders, which ultimately led come his death. While stalking Grissom, Natalie uncovered that he and Sara were in a relationship. Natalie then decided to kill Sara to look for vengeance top top Grissom. Luckily, Grissom acquired to her in time.


7x24/8x01: Living Doll/Dead Doll

After Sara to be rescued, Grissom made decision to propose. Sara welcomed with an enthusiasm “Let’s perform it!”.

However, the story was much from over. After her abduction, Sara to be distracted, temperamental and also exhausted. Although that was never ever actually corroborated, it was obvious she was suffering with PTSD. And also no quantity of wedding proposals might cure it.

It was a really tragic and unfortunate situation that propelled Sara over the edge. She left Grissom through a note that read:


You know I love you. I feel I’ve love you forever. Lately, i haven’t to be feeling very well, fact be told, I’m tired. The end in the desert under that automobile that night i realized something and also I haven’t been able to shake it. Due to the fact that my father died, I’ve spent virtually my whole life v ghosts. We’ve been choose close friends and out in the desert it occured to me the it to be time for me to bury them. I can’t to that here. I’m therefore sorry.

No issue how hard I try to fight it off, I’m left with the emotion that I have to go. I have no idea whereby I’m going but I recognize I have to do this. If i don’t, I’m afraid I’ll self-destruct and also worse, you’ll be over there to see it happen.

Be safe. Know that ns tried really hard come stay. Understand that you are my one and also only. I will miss out on you with every beat of my heart.Our life together was the only house I’ve ever before really had, i wouldn’t profession it for anything.

I love you. I constantly will.



8x07: Goodbye and Goodluck

Subsequent come Sara’s departure, Grissom fell into depression i beg your pardon was just intensified after the death ofhis friend and colleague, Warrick Brown. ~ Warrick’s death, Sara returned to the lab to pay her respects and assist with funeral arrangements. Sara finished up remaining for longer than expected since her and Gil got back together as soon as she arrived.


9x02: The Happy Place

Her visit wasn’t expected to be permanent however Grissom still asked Sara if she would remain in vegas for him. She stated she couldn’t however invited that to walk to the Galapagos through her. Unfortunately, due to the fact that of Warrick’s demise, the transition was too brief to loose it’s supervisor. ~ an argument, Sara realized the she had actually to leave. She packed she bags and left because that the 2nd time.

Weeks later, Sara sent out Grissom a video clip message from a cruise delivery she to be on, saying that she to be sorry because that leaving so abruptly and being out of touch. She assured him the she to be happy v the means their relationship had actually ended, which confused Grissom. He didn’t know the condition of your relationship, if that would ever before see her again, and also what he did to do her leave. These confusions sent him into the arms of one old friend. Who told him that the relationship was over this time because that good.

That, however, didn’t stop him. A few episodes after that conversation, Gil announced the he to be leaving the team. He saw Costa Rica to be through Sara. As soon as he found her it was clear she to be happy to see him.

9x10: One to Go

In the season 10 premier, Sara came back to the lab due to a shortage in staff members. She revealed the her and also Grissom to be married.Last us heard, he was doing consulting work for the federal government in Peru while she to be fulfilling she duties in ras Vegas.

After 3 year of living on different continents, the stress, overload of a cross-continental marriage started to have actually it’s result on Sara. Once an ex-boyfriend went back to Vegas, Sara realized just how unhappy she was through their situation. She to be constantly calling him and also getting his answering machine, also on their anniversary.

After she ex left, Sara began dodging Grissom’s calls. She confessed come Julie Finlay, her coworker, that Grissom told her that he ‘wants come talk’. She to be afraid that what he had actually to speak so refused to choose up the phone. At the end of the episode, she ultimately answered however all us heard of the conversation was Grissom speak “Is currently a great time?”


13x15Forget Me Not


A few weeks later,Sara revealed the her Grissom had break-up up. However, number of times prior to this admission, she described him together her husband. Additionally, she to be still wearing her wedding ring and her residence was filled v photos of the 2 of castle together. This storyline has been rumoured to proceed well right into the 14th season.

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The story the Grissom and also Sara is a long one, and also it’s not even close to over. Your journey together is real, it’s no a fairytale, it’s never been easy. What carried them with each other wasn’t fate and it wasn’t destiny. It to be the will of two people madly in love. There is nothing stronger than that.