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I am looking at a SCOTTS 20 HP briggs 48"" reduced lawn tractor it has actually 800 hrs on it. Is the alot of hrs for this cheeper lawn tractor? The owner claims he did not usage it commercialy however he is no the original owner

I would certainly say that it isn"t a most hours, since the tractor is older. All relies on just how it to be maintained...
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I marketed mine through a small over 300 hrs and also I think it to be shot! burning oil, spindles walk bad, had actually to replace front bushings and spindles. Never liked the 20 hp Intek.Did all the required maint. Including oil transforms at 25 hrs.It to be 6 year old and also sold it for $600. Felt lucky to acquire that.

I have actually the Scotts L2048 and also absolutely love it. Have about 325 hrs on it and it no burn any type of oil. At 800 hours I would think the is at the top level in hours for a device like this as already stated yet depending ~ above the price it might be a great deal.
I might buy a diesel v 800 hrs, maybe. Ns would never ever buy a gas mower through 800 hours, it has to be around used up even with an excellent care.
Thanks because that the replys i think that I will pass ~ above this mower and also keep mowing mine lawn through my go behind yet it sure acquired HOT quick here in Georgia.

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Could it is in he simply left the ignition move on a lot and also racked up the hours. How does the mower look? is the engine/trans and also oil clean, is it pretty tight like a brand-new unit or loosened like one old Taxi Cab? What condition is the deck & spindles in?

Thanks for the replys i think the I will certainly pass on this mower and also keep mowing my lawn v my walk behind however it sure obtained HOT fast here in Georgia.
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