Learning just how to disable Ford pats mechanism is critical if you ever lose your extra key. Because that instance, over there is nothing more annoying than losing your transponder key, due to the fact that now friend can’t begin up your own car.

If you don’t want to invest money top top a new transponder key, or can’t be bothered to set up a brand-new key, nothing worry; we have you covered.

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Throughout this guide, we’ll cover just how you deserve to bypass the PATS system without shedding your mental in the process.

In simply a couple of minutes, you’ll lastly regain access to her beloved automobile without security money ~ above a brand-new transponder key.

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3 DIY Guide: exactly how to Reset The Securilock System5 commonly Asked concerns (FAQs)

What is a PATS System?

The worst feeling ever before is when you walk as much as where you initially parked your vehicle to discover out that the vehicle is i do not have anything to be found.

Car theft has been an on-going problem for decades, and also car manufacturers have actually designed many systems transparent the year to prevent this problem.

The most typical security device is PATS.

Pats is a mechanism that instantly detects even if it is you have actually the original crucial to begin up the engine or part cheap crucial from Walmart.

The system originally started to make its method into Ford vehicles around 1996.

From there, the mechanism was added to many more Ford vehicles.

Losing the original an essential means girlfriend no longer have accessibility to the car.

You may open the doors, yet the engine won’t begin regardless the how often you rotate the crucial to the top top position.

However, you can set up a new transponder vital as lengthy as you have actually the original key, the process is not practically as challenging, and also you deserve to do it on your very own using FORScan.

Otherwise, friend can call a dealer and have them routine a new transponder crucial if you don’t feel like doing it independently.

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How much Does it cost to routine a Ford Key?

If you’re out of luck and lost her transponder crucial and can’t begin up the car, girlfriend will have actually to gain a brand-new key.

This is once you learn how to disable Ford pats system PAT2.

The vital itself is ridiculously cheap. However, if you have someone collection it up, that’s as soon as the price go up.

And the is what you desire to avoid.

You can uncover a new pair of keys for your Ford vehicle for about $20.

You deserve to either acquisition the secrets on Amazon or eBay. Many of the time, castle are reasonably cheap on those websites.

With the help of a dealer, lock will, most of the time, fee you around $250 for programming a brand-new transponder key.

If you’re happy enough, they might only fee you $80 because that the entirety thing.

Always having actually an extra transponder key comes in comfortable if you ever before lose the primary key.

If friend bought a card used, get another one as shortly as possible.

Losing the an essential is fairly common, and also you might be shocked if this ever happens to you.

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DIY Guide: just how to Bypass Ford Pats System

Are you emotion hopeless after ~ you shed the main key? nothing worry, though.

We’ll go you v the steps you have to bypass the Ford pats system.

Before we get started, friend should know that the following steps must not be a long-term solution; law so will certainly leave your automobile unprotected against feasible car thieves.

You need to only bypass the ford pats mechanism temporarily until you get a new transponder key.

Now the we space on the same page, monitor the complying with steps to get around the ford pats system:

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01. What You will certainly Need

Before we dive in, there space a few things you have to bypass the system.

The adhering to items will allow you to make use of the pats system, for this reason make certain to get all of them to monitor the rest of the article.

A flathead screwdriver — you can use a flathead screwdriver to gain inside the key. If girlfriend don’t have a screwdriver, you deserve to use anything that has great straight edgePlease get a brand-new pair that keys and also have them reduced to enhance the original keyTape — friend will need tape to hang the transponder when you have actually removed that from the actual key

02. Have actually the secrets cut

How can I learn how to disable Ford pats system to get roughly the pats system?

The first thing you should do is walk to the neighborhood dealer and also have the tricks cut.

By getting the secrets cut, the brand-new keys will complement the initial key.

This way, you can safely placed the crucial inside the ignition and turn on the engine. And also you won’t need the chipped an essential to turn on the car anymore.

We won’t program the keys. We’ll use the new keys come trick the system right into thinking you actually using the transponder an essential to start up the engine. Much more on this under below.

But for now, make certain you have the keys cut if you desire to usage them from currently on.

03. Take out The Transponder

Once you have the secrets cut, you desire to remove the chip native the transponder.

The chip inside the vital tells the automobile that you indeed have actually the original key and can have access to the automobile itself.

Without the chip, friend won’t be able to get the auto running, i m sorry is precisely what we’re do the efforts to obtain around.

Follow these procedures to take it the chip out:

Get the flathead screwdriverRight at the peak of the key, over there is a small squareUse the flathead screwdriver and shot to gain insideDon’t use too lot pressure when getting inside the an essential as you will break the keyOnce you get the screwdriver inside, proceed to remove the transponder native the key

You’ve made a the majority of progress simply by removing the transponder from the main key.

With the transponder, you’ll be able to use the new keys you just bought.

04. Just how To Disable Pats system

The only means for the auto to know you have actually the right key is by recognizing the transponder, i beg your pardon is why we eliminated it in the an initial place.

We’ll mount the transponder on the ignition so the the vehicle will recognize you’re not a thief.

When you placed in the brand-new key, the car will immediately think you have actually the original key since the transponder is alongside the key.

To mount the transponder, follow the adhering to steps:

Use tape to hang the transponder top top the ignition correctlyMake sure to ar the chip what the auto can read the chip. Otherwise, the auto will not revolve onNow insert the newly cut vital into the ignitionTurn the vital to the on place to see if the automobile will start. If the automobile does not start, you need to reposition the chip till you obtain it working

Finding the best spot for the transponder takes fairly a couple of tries—so don’t concern if you don’t acquire it ~ above your very first try.

You might trigger the theft irradiate a few times in the process, but you have to keep going until you find the perfect spot because that the chip.

DIY Guide: exactly how to Reset The Securilock System

Is your vehicle stuck in the anti-theft mode? remainder assured! We’ll show you what you must do to reset the system.

The car will go back to normal as soon as you reset the system, and also the anti-theft logo design should it is in gone.

Unfortunately, most civilization assume other wrong with the secrets or the vehicle itself, and also they finish up wasting money.

But many of the time, you can fix this issue by resetting the SecuriLock system. For this reason you can not need to take a trip to the regional dealer.

Without any further ado, below is what you need to know to reset the system on her own:

01. Securilock Passive Anti Theft mechanism Reset 

Resetting your Ford car system is super easy to do, and anybody can do this in their cost-free time.

All you need is the an essential to the automobile for this process. Monitor these procedures to reset the anti-theft device fully:

Hop in the vehicleRoll the home window down. By rojo the home window down, she making certain you quiet have accessibility to the vehicle in instance the car locks girlfriend outInsert the transponder key into the ignition and also turn that onLeave the an essential on for around 10 minutes. We suggest using a phone call to keep track of the current timeClose the doorNow get earlier in the auto to make sure whatever is workingYou have the right to tell the procedure was a success if the anti-theft lights are not ~ above anymoreNow your vehicle should start prefer it constantly does

Resetting the anti-theft device is an easy way to for sure the secrets are working.

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And, girlfriend won’t have to spend a single cent top top a new vital to uncover out later on the keys were working simply fine.