YouTube is not the platcreate you normally associate via messaging. Messaging on YouTube was so unfamous that the agency rerelocated it in July of 2018. Luckily, there is still a method to sfinish messages on this popular video-sharing platcreate regardless of which device you are using. Tright here are even some alternate methods to call your favorite YouTuber.

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YouTube Messaging on a Desktop/Laptop

Tip 1

Log right into your YouTube account from a web browser and click the “speech bubble” symbol alongside Notifications. It’s situated in the upper ideal area.


The video sharing platdevelop gives a list of potential friends based upon your Gmail contacts, assuming they are on YouTube too. You have the right to invite them by clicking on the blue “friend” icon.

Alternately, click on the More food selection (3 vertical dots) and also select Invite. Once the friend confirms the invitation, you deserve to start chatting.


The adhering to window shows you a list of friends you’ve connected with. Tap on the perboy you desire to chat through and also enter your message.

Kevin says:
June 4, 2019 at 12:02 pm
Possible these have readjusted because April?

Using the desktop approach, there are no 3 dots to presumably enter a new contact manually, nor deserve to the ‘Profile Deleted’ (whatever that means) be edited to add the name of the YTer I desire to reach. Seems that it’s pretty much restricted to who’s already in my Google contacts. Easy to copy the connect, but just how do you send it to someone (brand-new contact) to use/accept?

On the mobile (Android) app, equally frustrating. Click Inbox –> Messeras –> Friends. Tright here is the ‘Share Invitation Link’ option, which enables me to copy the link to the clipboard, but… then what? How to I suggest that it goes to (new person)?

Seems means too convoluted just to sfinish an easy message/invite?! Thanks.

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