YouTube is no the communication you generally associate with messaging. Messaging on YouTube was so unpopular that the company removed it in July that 2018. Luckily, over there is tho a method to send message on this famous video-sharing communication regardless the which maker you are using. There are even some alternate ways to get in touch with your favourite YouTuber.

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YouTube messaging on a Desktop/Laptop

Step 1

Log right into your YouTube account indigenous a browser and click top top the “speech bubble” symbol next come Notifications. It’s situated in the upper best section.


The video sharing platform offers a list of potential friends based upon your Gmail contacts, presume they are on YouTube together well. You can invite castle by clicking on the blue “friend” icon.

Alternately, click on the an ext menu (three upright dots) and also select Invite. Once the friend confirms the invitation, you can start chatting.


The following home window shows girlfriend a perform of friend you’ve connected with. Tap top top the human being you desire to conversation with and also enter her message.

Kevin says:
June 4, 2019 in ~ 12:02 afternoon
Possible these have changed since April?

Using the desktop approach, there room no 3 dots to presumably get in a new contact manually, nor deserve to the ‘Profile Deleted’ (whatever the means) it is in edited to include the surname of the YTer I desire to reach. Appears that it’s pretty much restricted to who’s already in my Google contacts. Simple to copy the link, however how perform you send it to someone (new contact) come use/accept?

On the cell phone (Android) app, same frustrating. Click get mailbox –> message –> Friends. There is the ‘Share invitation Link’ option, which permits me to copy the attach to the clipboard, but… climate what? how to I show who that goes come (new person)?

Seems means too convoluted simply to send a simple message/invite?! Thanks.

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