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Just dubbed my regional Acura dealer, Herb Connolly in Framingham.The B 1 company is $179 and the tire rotation is $35.The organization person stated " so around $200", and I said no much more that 200 and the tires rotation need to be part of the service. They stated they fee seperately. So i said around 179 because that an oil answer.Needless to say, not going there........:28:
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As the owner of a 2005, i was wondering the very same thing. Exactly what item are component of this service?

mine simply came up also last main on mine dash.B1 is oil readjust and tires rotation (listed a lot of "checks" i m sorry you recognize they don"t do).Might just lug it in because that an oil adjust or perform it myself when it warms up. V the tires rotation, i"m prob getting brand-new 18 customs wheels this summer and using mine existing tires. For this reason i"ll revolve them then.That"s incredible, $179 for an oil change.
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Why Why go to stealerI just changed the oil on mine. Walk to honda buy a filter, drain plug washer $6, choose up honda fabricated blend oil 5 qts or go choose up 5 qt jug off artificial oil native walmart $25 . Don"t also need come jack the up. Revolve the wheel all the means right to accessibility oil filter. Drainpipe plug is conveniently reached just DONOT end torque. You invested 30-35 that"s it.most off the maintenance is basic on the mdx.
Although i am used to the Mercedes $400.00 to $700.00+ services, where occasionally they don"t even put home window washer liquid in her vehicle and also it is greatly a visual inspection, I have to add that during these services they usually connect it come the diagnostic scanner, which will certainly tell friend if over there are any type of issues through the engine and/or electronics and if there is any type of component functioning out of range or marginal.Dealers charge around $100.00 minimum because that connecting your car to the scanner, so i think the is a decent price. In addition, lock perform any kind of engine/transmission/controllers software program updates and recalls, if needed.Even more, native what I have seen through Acura, they don"t string you through costly unneeded repairs, choose Mercedes dealers are famous to do.$179.00 because that the organization is nice decent, in mine opinion, considering actual automotive charges, which room high in mine opinion, but it is what it is. Though, if you have actually a decent engine scanner and also you understand engines/electronics, you deserve to do it yourself for free in a issue of minutes. In the last case, you space paying you yourself for her diagnostic knowledge and also for your engine scanner ownership, too.Tire rotations, I constantly do it wherein I buy mine tires, because that free. I really don"t like to rotate my tires because it allow me check out if over there is an concern with a particular vehicle side, and I like to adjust the 2 front or two rear ones as soon as they stay out. I can quickly see i m sorry side has some sort of alignment/suspension issue and have them examine specifically to know what is bring about the problem.AC
Just referred to as my neighborhood Acura dealer, Herb Connolly in Framingham.The B 1 organization is $179 and also the tire rotation is $35.The company person said " so around $200", and also I stated no much more that 200 and also the tires rotation should be part of the service. They said they fee seperately. So ns said around 179 for an oil answer.Needless to say, no going there........:28:

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