Ok is sevin dust ~ above to put on a dog? We have actually a garden dog through fleas. My papa place this dust on him to keep fleas off and he puts it around the yard.... Is this ok?



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Read the label on the can of Sevin. 10% powder is it s okay for usage on huge dogs, 5% for small dogs, at least, the is registered for the use. Ns wouldn"t usage it on mine dogs, though, together there are more effective and safer ways to prevent fleas.

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You can acquire some medication from your vet. I think the is for both heartworms and also fleas. Inspect out Sentinel. My neighbors dogs take it it and they don"t have fleas.

I discovered this top top the www


It works!


A small dusty.

The Bottom Line

If you can handle the dust, this is a wonder product. I say usage it.

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Full review

Seven Dust, together we call it in our family, is # 1 on our list.

We have been using 7 Dust, both the 5% and 10%, in our household for years now. It has the strength to kill (pests the is). Our best use for 7 dust has been on our horses and also dogs. Take for example our horses, steed flies and nats (small flies) are real poor during the summer months. Us can lug the steeds in and also rub them down with seven dust, almost everywhere their bodies (always consult through a veterinarian before applying any kind of pesticides to her horses), and also this help to keep those pesky critters away. We bought a steed from a revenue barn a year back and his mane was full of lice, we used the 7 dust and also the following day there to be no map of lice on this horse. Us tried various other spray on paris control and also they just did not job-related near and also seven did. This product really works for us, we are offered on it.

We additionally use seven on ours dogs, in this situation we prefer the 5% on their bodies and 10% for your grounds and bedding. We put seven dust on our dogs to save the fleas and brown dog ticks away. It works we occasionally see a mite from time come time on our dogs, but not an extremely often. Us sprinkle it approximately their bedding and and it helps store the fleas and ticks away from their sleeping area. I even sprinkle a little seven approximately my dogs" outdoor automatic feeders and it keeps ants away from their food.

There are just two things I execute hate around seven; one is the it"s dusty, if that is public it will certainly blow roughly on you and in her face. Therefore be careful when utilizing it. Two is the it is no the most basic product come apply. Us have found that if you take a huge mason canning jar v a lid, poke pencil size holes in the peak of the lid, put the seven in the jar, climate you can sprinkle the on every little thing you need. Anyone with allergies have to be careful when utilizing this product.

I love seven for it"s functioning power, if it did not occupational we would not waste our time to use it.

Always mental to examine with a veterinarian before using any pesticide on your animals.I perform not recognize if they have a website, if I uncover that they carry out I will put it in mine review.