This small activity has sixteen words(eight short o and also eight long o) to sort. Ns have consisted of colored sorting mats, and black and white. A matching recording sheet is also included. Enjoy!

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Those collection sounds can be so tricky for our young readers. Students require to learn that vowels can make two sounds- a quick vowel sound and also a long vowel sound. Discrimination activities where students kind words with the two sounds is a great way to present this concept. As soon as you download the lengthy
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Spelling Feature: short o (CVC) and also Long o (CVCe)Words Their means is a regimen designed come teach student phonics, spelling, and vocabulary. Each collection of slides consist of one sort, or collection of assignment features, in the words Their method curriculum. These slides are easy to assign virtually, and also will enable st
Do your students need aid with long and also short o sounds? If so, this is the activitiy fill for you! that covers lengthy o made through ow, oa, oe, and also o-consonant-e. Ns have had a collection sheet because that the teacher;s information and also a lengthy vowel dominance poster because that students. Table that ContentsPage 3…Long o so
CVC wordsMagic / silent E wordsPhonics Sorting ActivityThis game is fun! your students will certainly love it.The rules space simple:Draw a card, read the word and also put your card right into the right basket (short - o- basket or long -o- basket).Included in this pack:1 short and also long -o- video game board12 card
Looking for an ext short and long o word work activities? This word sort can aid your student discriminate between short o (cvc) and also long o (magic-e) native patterns. The sort consists of 10 short o words, through the 10 matching long o words. Because that example, the sort contains the native “not”, and likewise
Simple task for student to construct understanding the long and also short vowel sounds. Native sorts room an remarkable tool to develop spelling an abilities and phonemic awareness.Students reduced out the squares and also sort them into short and long sounds because that a, e, i, o, u.Double net per web page to help save paper when di
This 47 web page packet includes:* Teacher Notes for each activity* I have the right to statement missions for every activity* 20 short and also long O words because that sorting and also comparing* Spelling check Template* native Search* indigenous Sort* picture Draws* spin a Word* Parking Lot* compose your native Sort* Tic-Tac-Toe* A
This product contains 7 different activities for the CVCe pattern for long and also short o Cut and also Paste snapshot sort Recording paper for snapshot sort wordsCut and paste word type CVCe and short wordsCut and also paste enhance up that CVCe and short wordsRead, sort, and also write recording sheetHunt the room recordi
Word Work--Long ō (CVCe) and short ŏ (CVC) native sorts, games and also activities. Google Apps and also Microsoft OneDrive. There space nine different tasks in this slide presentation. Slides can conveniently be deleted from this presentation. Girlfriend can select which tasks you want to assign and delete the
The Long and also Short Vowel record Folder Word sort for the vowel o (o/o_e) task is perfect for either presenting or practicing the ide of the magic e do the vowel long. Simply print the templates on office paper, adhere to a paper folder and laminate. You'll have actually a native sort activity that wi
This activity allows students to sort photo and/or native cards based upon short and long vowel sounds. This set includes:24 photo cards and 24 matching word cards (12 with brief o sound and also 12 with long o sound)2 sorting matsRecording paper Students have the right to sort the picture and/or word card
Looking because that fun and also engaging word work for her students? perform they need practice through short and also long vowels?This CCSS set product includes 8 various word sorts where students need to determine whether the words have actually a long or or quick o sound. There are word sorts because that beginners whereby they o
Make word work-related everyone's favorite terminal rotation. This video game fits perfectly into your daily Five, proficiency centers, or also as an at home recess choice!This product comes through 44 round word cards and an instructional booklet. Each card has actually a word written in a circle v no apparent beginning or end
This is a word sort for short and long o (CVC, CVCe, CVVC -oa). The document contains the word sort and the answers. To use you can't use presentation mode. Words our method Yellow kind 14. Because that a better view of what the slides contain please look in ~ the preview.Please shot the complimentary word sort listed below to try ou
This 47 page packet includes:* Teacher Notes for each activity* I have the right to statement objectives for every activity* 20 short O/U and also Long O/U words because that sorting and comparing* Spelling check Template* native Search* native Sort* photo Draws* rotate a Word* Parking Lot* create your indigenous Sort* Tic-Tac-
This is a sort chart that concentrates on the collection O. Good for at an early stage elementary kiddos to practice long and also short sounds, and sneaky E.
These room word cards through the collection O. These O and short O. Students can sort these words into piles, bags, or columns ~ above a bag chart. Use these in tiny reading groups, in ~ a center or station, or even as elevation work. Girlfriend could likewise play a memory/matching video game where students complement the s
Long and Short O winter cookie sort has been developed by daniel Tisdale. This video game has two methods of play for differentiated instruction. Students who space reading and blending can play with the words only card set. Students who space still arising blending skills can use the picture clues map se
Students will have fun looking high and also low in the classroom searching for word cards! they will exercise reading lengthy o and short o words and will be listening because that the collection sound and also sorting/writing them on their recording sheet by vowel sound. 12 native cards are included in this resource (6 because that e
This is a word type for short and long o photo sort. The document contains the snapshot sort and also the answers. To usage you can't usage presentation mode. Indigenous our method Yellow type 3. For a far better view that what the slides contain you re welcome look in ~ the preview.Please try the free word sort listed below to try out my wo
Word type Center task using long O and Short O words. Two web page sorting mat deserve to be recorded or laminated with each other for extra long sorting mat. Kind cards are complete with pictures and also words to assist enhance understanding.
You will obtain 4 google slides. 2 slides room an activity where students will certainly click, drag, and drop words and pictures the make the long and also short o sound through the o spelling. The other 2 slides have the students complement the word v the picture.

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