A reader composed in and also asked me what water tap to wear v a black color cocktail dress, and also I opened it as much as my facebook page.

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I love asking reader concerns over there. I have such a an excellent community, and also we constantly get some an excellent input. If you ever before have something you want me to placed out there, feel cost-free to email or message me and also ask! Fashion inquiries are the most popular, yet you deserve to ask almost anything.

This concern was for this reason popular and got such a selection of responses the I chose to compose a post about it. If you’ve ever wondered what water tap to wear through a black cocktail dress, this write-up is because that you!

What Hosiery to Wear with a black color Cocktail Dress


Let’s challenge it. This IS a conundrum if girlfriend live in a cold climate.

When winter events demand semi-formal attire, most ladies opt because that a cocktail dress. Yet WHAT do you stay on your legs?

Some say the flesh-colored pantyhose space OUT. Others say they’re perfectly acceptable.

We view a many tights and booties in the magazines, but are they really suitable for a semi-formal event?

Then what about the myriad of colored and textured hose?

Bare legs are the easy route. At any type of other time of year, that works okay, but when the temps are below freezing and your legs haven’t watched sunshine in months? Notsomuch.

MANY opinions to be expressed, yet I think it’s pretty safe to speak the most popular an answer was to go with sheer black color hose, however nude hose and also tights got some votes too. Some females swear castle will just go through bare legs, no issue what the temperatures.

One of mine friends is a stylist at Nordstrom, and also she emailed me privately to share her take on this issue. Here’s what she had actually to say:

Pantyhose/tights space NOT out. I only recommend a bare leg in the summer or autumn — never ever winter. I’m a personal stylist in ~ Nordstrom, and also I steer women towards a semi sheer tight by DKNY. That is no as heavy as one opqaue tight or together sheer together pantyhose.

If her dress is rather formal, definitely go through sheer hose. I execute not love every patterned hose/tights. I think they have the right to really take far from the dress. If you want a naked look, Donna Karan does an excellent nude, herbal looking hose to complement your skin tone.

I likewise like a nude fishnet by Oroblu i m sorry is a tight weave and gives a little texture. Also a couple of feet away it looks favor your leg and not common fish nets. Ns wear these during the autumn after I’m sick of me tanner and in spring as soon as my legs need to not see the irradiate of day!

So there you have actually it, advice from a bona fide stylist.

I choose the idea the the nude fishnets, myself. They definitely loan a contemporary edge to the standard nude hose.


Another thing Karen stated that do me giggle is, nude hose have come a long way since they come in plastic eggs.

So true. There room a lot of choices out there today. Personally, I’m not opposed to a nice high quality pair of nude hose in the ideal shade. If the cocktail dress isn’t black, a naked stocking may be the finest bet.

Although sheer black color hose can be good with a bold color such together red.


As you have the right to see, there are a many choices. Suitable hosiery depends mostly on the dress and also the occasion so take every those determinants into account and also then do the decision the YOU space the most comfortable with, because if friend don’t feel confident, you won’t have a good time.

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Do friend need aid building your wardrobe or shopping because that a one-of-a-kind event? I highly recommend trying out Trunk Club, a an individual shopping company by Nordstrom.

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