To everyone that sees them, five-month-old Ame and also Lia look like twins. And also they were undoubtedly born come the very same mother simply minutes apart.

Amazingly, however, the sisters room not twins.

They to be smashville247.netnceived three weeks apart many thanks to a million-to-one medical rarity.

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When doctors had to carry out an emergency caesarean shipment on their mommy Amelia Spence, Ame to be born in ~ 29 weeks and Lia at 32.

Miss Spence, 29, said: "It is difficult to get our heads around the reality that ns was pregnant v two babies at the same time and also they aren"t twins.

"When I explain it to people they get an extremely smashville247.netnfused."

Even an ext amazingly, miss out on Spence ended up being pregnant double in 3 weeks while she was taking the smashville247.netntraceptive pill.

She said: "For the to occur twice in three weeks is just unbelievable."

Doctors have described that hers is a rare instance of superfetation, wherein the body carries top top releasing much more eggs because that fertilisation after ~ a pregnancy has already occurred.

Miss Spence, who stays in Glasgow with companion George Herrity, 33, a tyre fitter, and her two various other children, Jordan, nine, and eight-yearold Declan, got the bombshell news once she go for her 12-week scan at the royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley.

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The doctors smashville247.netuld watch there were 2 foetuses however they to be at various stages that development.

Miss Spence said: "We looked at the screen and the doctor discussed that one foetus still looked choose a blob, conversely, the various other had 4 visible limbs. It to be such a significant difference.

"It was really strange come see. The medical professional said the he had actually never watched it before, yet had just read about it in textbooks.

"One foetus was 12 main old, whilst they claimed the other was 3 weeks behind, at nine weeks old. I had besmashville247.netme pregnant double on two separate occasions.

"The medical professionals smashville247.netuldn"t think it, either. Castle told united state there was a million-to-one opportunity of it happening.

"There to be smashville247.netncerns for the smaller sized baby however at the following scan she was still alive.

Miss Spence said: "It was very emotional as soon as the doctors said that the smaller baby was still growing. She to be such a small fighter."

The mother had to be scanned every week to examine that both babies to be still growing.

She said: "It to be nerve-racking going come the hospital each week and also I simply kept praying they would certainly both be every right. My stomach gained so big that towards the end of my pregnancy, ns smashville247.netuld hardly move."

Doctors had to bring out an emergency caesarean to supply the babies due to the fact that they to be both lying awkwardly in the womb.

Ame, the younger baby, arrived first weighing 4lb 13oz. She sister Lia was lot bigger in ~ 6lb 11oz.

Miss Spence said: "Ame looked so tiny beside her bigger sister, however she had proved herself to be such a fighter."

Both the sisters were healthy and also after five days in hospital, castle were permitted home.

Miss Spence said: "We had so plenty of wellwishers smashville247.netming to watch the girls as soon as they to be born. Everyone wanted to watch our million-to-one girls.

"Now they"re doing really well. Lock both have an excellent appetites and Ame is catching up with her large sister.

"I tho can"t quite believe how it all happened, but I"m just so glad that both the girls to be born healthy, specifically after physicians didn"t think the Ame to be going to survive.

"One job we will tell them about their unusual begin to life - and we will have actually to describe to them why castle both were born ~ above the exact same day yet aren"t twins."

A phenomenon at the double

The girls to be smashville247.netnceived through a procedure known as superfetation, the term offered to describe the development of a foetus whilst another foetus is already present in the uterus.

This occurs when eggs native two different menstrual cycles are released, as opposed to typical non-identical twins where much more than one egg is exit in a single cycle.

Although smashville247.netmmon in pets it is rare in humans, but it can an outcome in a pair or lot of pregnancy. It is diagnosed once the foetuses show a marked different in development.

The girls are technically no twins. The same twins happen when one egg splits right into two and non-identical, or fraternal, twins occur when two eggs are released and fertilised at the same time.

So even though miss Spence"s babies to be born ~ above the exact same day, they are not twins together they were smashville247.netnceived three weeks apart.