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Maize, additionally known as corn, is just one of the most generally consumed grain grains in the world. Packed v fiber, vitamins, and minerals, craving because that crunchy corn is quite typical during pregnancy. Yet is it safe to eat corn during pregnancy?

This write-up answers the question and discusses the worth corn add to to her diet, risks, if any, storage tips, and also recipes.

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Can girlfriend Eat Corn throughout Pregnancy?

You may eat corn during pregnancy however in moderate amounts, as it helps boost digestion, and supports immunity. However excessive usage might cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as indigestion.

Nutritional worth Of Corn

The nutrients current in 100g of life corn room as complies with (1):

NutrientRDA (2)(3)Per 100g the corn
Total folate600µg46µg
Dietary fiber28g2.7g
Protein60g (3)3.22g
Thiamine (vitamin B1)1.4mg0.2mg

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What space The health Benefits of Corn throughout Pregnancy?

1. Constipation

The fiber contents in corn might help address digestive problems, such together constipation, that you might experience during early pregnancy (4).

2. Macular degeneration

Corn contains a carotenoid substance dubbed zeaxanthin that has oxidative properties. Zeaxanthin may aid prevent macular degeneration that the eye (3) (5). However, more studies are needed to create the carotenoids’ function in preventing specific disorders that influence infants (6).

3. Birth defects

Corn has folic acid that is necessary during pregnancy to alleviate the danger of spina bifida and also other neural malformations in the infant (7).

4. Muscle and also nervous system

Corn consists of thiamine the plays a duty in power metabolism and is essential for muscle and nervous mechanism functioning (8) (9).

5. Immunity

The beta-carotene in corn gives vitamin A compelled for immune mechanism functioning and also healthy development and development of the baby (10).

Possible Side effects Of Overeating Corn once Pregnant

Potential side impacts of corn might occur because of over-consumption.

It may cause indigestion; therefore, the is far better to have fresh corn in limited amounts.

From fresh raw corn come cooked and baked and popped, corn is accessible in a variety of edible forms. Yet are all of them great for you come eat during pregnancy?

Corn assets To Eat and also Those to Avoid

Not all corn assets may be safe throughout pregnancy. The following list can help you get an idea the what could be taken and also avoided. However, it is no exhaustive.

Fresh corn indigenous the cob (gluten-free)Microwavable popcorn (contain toxicity chemicals, diacetyl, and also perfluorooctanoic acid)
Labeled GMO-free cornCorn syrup (contains high-fructose sugars)
Organic corn (rich in nutrients)Cornstarch (non-food substance)
Plain popcorn (butter, salt, and caramel-free)Corn oil (full that fat and calories)
Frozen corn (contains fewer calories and also less sodium)Canned corn (goes v a many processing)

So, how can you reap the permitted forms the corn in pregnancy?

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Ways come Consume Corn during Pregnancy

You may have corn as a snack.

Sweet corn is a delicious enhancement to salads, soups, toast, and sandwiches.
Add come pizzas, pasta, and other bowl to improve their taste.Grill or barbecue the cob and eat corn straight from it.Boil corn and include seasoning of your preference.

Choose the right range of corn to enjoy the taste of this dishes.

Tips for Buying and Storing Corn

Follow the below tips while buying corn:

Look for husks the are green in color.Choose just fresh corn. Girlfriend may examine the freshness by pulling off the husk and also piercing the kernel through a fingernail.If the corn kennel is firm yet soft and releases a small juice on gift punctured, the is fresh. ~ above the other hand, if that is discolored or dented, that is not.
Corn exposed to high temperatures deserve to lose a little of its sweet flavor, together the sugar gets converted to starch.Let the corn stay in the husk; placed it in the refrigerator.If you have actually husked the corn, placed it in a plastic bag, and refrigerate it.If you desire to eat fresh corn, eat the as soon as you bring it home.

Fresh corn has a certain appeal that might compel you to have an ext than what you should. And that can be a negative thing.

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Is craving Cornstarch throughout Pregnancy concerned The Pica Syndrome?

Sometimes, you may crave because that cornstarch during pregnancy. This can be since of a condition called the Pica Syndrome, which requires the craving of non-food building materials such together clay, ice, dirt, and more (12). If you endure such symptoms, talk to her doctor.

Why Is Microwave Popcorn not Safe during Pregnancy?

You might want to prevent microwave popcorn because that these factors (13).

They contain a chemical called diacetyl, which is offered to imitate the butter flavor. The research shows that the workers at a popcorn manufacturing factory emerged a lung disorder dubbed bronchiolitis obliterans (popcorn worker’s lung) together they be breathing this chemical every day for a long period.A toxicity chemical called perfluorooctanoic acid, which is well-known to be uncovered in the microwavable popcorn bags, breaks under upon heating. That is a carcinogen and likely to cause several species of cancer.

Next, we answer a few common queries about eating corn throughout pregnancy.

Frequently asked Questions

1. Can you eat corn if you have actually gestational diabetes?

You may encompass corn in your food also if you have actually gestational diabetes, together it is well-known to be a short glycemic food (14). Short GI foods are most likely to slowly and also steadily release glucose, i beg your pardon might help in regulating blood glucose level (15).

2. Is overeating popcorn harmful during pregnancy?

Too lot of noþeles is harmful. The exact same is the case with popcorn, together it might contain condiments such together butter, salt, or caramel. Excess of salt can lead come water retention, blood pressure fluctuations, and more, and excess of sugar could an outcome in a host of other health and wellness issues. Likewise, the excess butter could lead to fat and also sodium level buildup in the body.

3. Does eat cornstarch throughout pregnancy reason amylophagia?

The compulsive eating of cornstarch in big quantities during pregnancy may result in amylophagia, a form of pica disorder. The book Nutrition with the Life bicycle by Judith E. Brown talks around its complications such together elevated blood street levels, preterm labor, abnormalities in infant development, and also high bear weight.

4. Can corn reason weight gain during pregnancy?

Corn is wealthy in carbohydrates and nutrients and also is a far-reaching source of power that may cause weight gain during pregnancy.

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5. Is eating undercooked corn ~ above the cob dangerous because that pregnant women?

It may not it is in dangerous to have actually undercooked corn ~ above the cob. Prefer the organic selection and be careful not to have actually it in overfill quantities.

In case you feeling uneasy after taking corn, call your doctor. If you setup to encompass corn in her diet, comment on the benefits and also probable threats with the doctor. As long as you use moderate amounts of corn, you could enjoy a wide range of delicacies come satiate your pregnancy cravings.

Tell us about the various ways you have tried including corn come your pregnancy diet. Use the comments ar to share your opinion.

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