Starting in 1921, silver dollars in the joined States adjusted their design: native the Morgan Dollar come the Peace Dollar. Its photo was kept until 1935, being the last silver- dollar designed for circulation, because to today they are still produced in copper, zinc, manganese and also nickel.

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Whether you have a 1923 Peace dissension or you room interested in buying one, in this post we will inform you that its value and what determinants influence a higher or reduced price. Factors such as conservation, mints, and errors can considerably determine the auction price at a numismatic auction.


How lot is a 1923 silver- Dollar worth?

As previously mentioned, it relies on numerous factors that greatly influence the price, i beg your pardon can variety from a meager $22-23 to as lot as $120,000.

Grading your 1923 Liberty dissension is the key

First, we have the state of conservation or grading. This element is complicated to identify for those who are not professionals in numismatics or in the coin we room trying come grade. Nevertheless, that is very necessary to know the conservation grade to identify the price the what we are going to buy or to acquire the maximum money in our sale of the coin.

How deserve to I uncover out the condition of my 1923 peace Dollar? It is simple, there are appraisal providers that are specialized to this, known as the Third Party Grading organization (TPG), which in enhancement to giving us a number that shows the grade the the coin, authenticate it for us.

The TPG will encapsulate your coin as a certificate. In this capsule, they will write the coin’s data along through a barcode and also serial number that refers to your coin’s file.


This error occurs when the dies space not properly centered at the time of minting, bring about a displaced style where the coin is deformed and expanded and partially produced or even smooth-edged.

The 1923 tranquility Dollar design

As us said, the style of this coins started in 1921 and also lasted till 1935. That is designer to be Anthony de Francisci, and his initials are engraved in the form of one acronym below the bust of Liberty that shows up on the obverse.

On the obverse, Liberty, looking come the left, attract a spicy tiara like the famous statue located in new York. Just in between the tiara and the rest of the semicircle that forms the coin in its top part, we check out LIBERTYas a legend.

On one side of the neck the the bust is created IN GOD WEand come the ideal of the neck TRVST, creating the motto so recurrent in American numismatics: In God we trust. At the bottom the the obverse, we find the year of mintage, in this case, “1923“.

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As for the reverse, we see mainly in the center of the coin an eagle looking to the right as that is perched majestically top top a absent while in its talons the holds a bouquet. Below the rock shows up the native “PEACE” which gives the name to the form of this coin. Indigenous the bottom to nearly the bird’s head, rays of light enhance the animal figure.