You may recognize that the major Greek gods and also goddesses are also represented in roman inn mythology with various names. However are this immortal numbers really the same in Greek and also Roman cultures? Keep reading to find out all about these gods and also goddesses and also how they differ between old cultures.

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Greek and Roman Goddesses

Both Greek and Roman societies worshipped an effective goddesses as well as gods. Their beginning stories and also roles are often very similar to every other, but each goddess in Greek society is a bit various than her roman inn counterpart. Here are some methods to call the difference in between them.

Greek Goddess

Roman Goddess





Goddess of love and also beauty

Venus is additionally the goddess of fertility and also prostitution.



Goddess that the hunt and also the moon

Diana is also the goddess the witchcraft and femininity.



Goddess of wisdom

Athena is additionally the goddess of war.



Goddess of the harvest

Ceres is also the goddess the grains and she administers rites that the dead.


Terra/Terra Mater

Goddess the Earth

Gaia is a primordial earth goddess who offered birth to ancient gods.



Queen of the gods, Goddess that marriage and also birth

Hera is portrayed as vengeful toward her husband Zeus’s lovers, when Juno is more merciful towards Jupiter’s lovers.



Goddess the the hearth and also family

Vesta is also the roman goddess the altars.



Goddess the the dead/underworld

Persephone is likewise goddess of the an altering seasons; Proserpina is goddess of springtime.

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Depictions of god in old Poems

Both Greek and also Roman gods and goddesses can be traced to old poetry. Among the earliest depictions of these gods and also goddesses remained in Homer’s epic poem The Iliad, written between 1260 and 1180 BC. The poem discusses the immortals’ duties in the Trojan battle as they interference to bring Achilles on his rightful journey.

The Aeneid, a Latin epos poem composed by Virgil end 1,000 year later, speak the story of Aeneas, a personality in The Iliad and also the ancestor of every Romans. Roman inn gods and goddesses play an essential role in this poem as well. They affect other immortals to act in (or against) Aeneas’s ideal interests in his voyage.

Modern affect of Greek and also Roman Mythology

Greek myths aided to define everyday phenomena in the ancient world. The roman adaptation that Greek mythology impacts our everyday life, indigenous the planets in the world to the month in ours calendar. Learn much more about just how Greek mythology influenced the modern-day English language, or examine out these legendary creatures indigenous Greek myths. If you desire to find out even an ext about ancient Greece, discover its 4 species of governments.