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Official Title: The Sims 3Also well-known As: Sims 3Genre: Simulation, Life development Sim Developer: SIMS Publisher: electronic Arts ESRB Rating: teenager Release Date: October 26, 2010

When her at home and want come boos your career, organize the L2 button (which provides the cruiser go faster) and also go come the mailbox and also hit x if you hold the L2 and there is all of these advantageous things! also to age faster you hold the L2 walk to her sim and hit x and also you"ll see an aging create button and a button to adjust your sim"s traits. Cool huh? !

Now look very closely to the steps:Step #1 - press the START button on her PS3 controller. Step #2 - host down the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons in ~ the very same time. Step #3 - A blog post will appear. Action #4 - go back to the game and also press the select button. Action #5 - after you have pressed SELECT, walk to build & buy Mode and also press X. Step #6 - walk to Buy and press X. Step #7 - Go under to Decor and also press X. Action #8 - Go under to various Decor and press X. Action #9 - go to Spoot the Magic Llama and also press X. Currently after you have did those steps, place your magic llama where you want and return come the game. Have fun v your llama!

want twins or also Triplets? then watch the kids channel top top the TV or hear to the childrens music terminal on the stereo! act EITHER task Slightly increases the chance for pair or triplets! doing BOTH at the very same time really enhances your possibilities of having actually Twins or Triplets! "Gender". Desire a young or a girl? ! To have a boy. Eat three apples throughout the pregnant to increase the possibility of having actually a infant boy! now if you desire a girl! Eat 3 watermelons throughout the pregnant to boost the opportunity of having actually a baby girl!

Press begin while in game. Host L1, L2, R1, R2 and a article will pop up. Please review the message prior to continuing.

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Baby steps (Bronze) – create a household.Graduated (Bronze) – complete the in-game tutorial.How you Doin’? (Bronze) – find out the Charisma Skill.Wishful Thinker (Bronze) – finish 10 Wishes.What Goes approximately (Bronze) – use a Karma Power.BFF! (Bronze) – make a finest friend.Sim about Town (Bronze) – attend a city event.It’s A day (Bronze) – go on a date.You never ever Forget Your first (Bronze) – have actually a an initial kiss.Woo Hoo! (Bronze) – do Woo Hoo.Climbing the Ladder (Bronze) – with level 5 in a career.That new Car smell (Bronze) – purchase a car.Not Twice, yet 10 times (Bronze) – finish 10 Opportunities.This Is for this reason Meta (Bronze) – endure the Meta.I dual Dare Ya (Bronze) – discover the catacombs ~ dark.Sim-Author (Bronze) – compose a book.Epic Party (Bronze) – litter an awesome party.Partners in Crime (Bronze) – become a companion of the Paragon an individual PrivateCharity Warehouse.Styler (Bronze) – Design and also save 20 layouts using create a Style.Once A Parent, constantly A parent (Bronze) – Welcome a child into the family.Be great to Each-Other (Bronze) – with the maximum potential Karma.Home is whereby the Simoleons room (Bronze) – Raise your household’s worth to§35,000 or more.Not Dead yet (Bronze) – Resurrect a Sim.Mad Skillz (Bronze) – Complete any 2 skill Journal Milestones.But the Inflammable! (Bronze) – Extinguish a center on fire.Epic fail (Bronze) – usage the epic Fail Karma power on 13 unsuspecting sims no inyour family.Matchmaker (Bronze) – start 5 romantic relationships.Fit because that A King (Brone) – Prepare a perfect meal.Owned! (Bronze) – Buy out a commercial residential or commercial property in town.Pyromaniac (Bronze) – obtain an insurance inspect for end §15,000 after utilizing theFirestorm Karma Power.Botanical Perfection (Bronze) – thrive a perfect plant.Trophy Fish (Bronze) – catch a perfect fish.Happiness… that Stacks (Bronze) – obtain 5 optimistic moodlets at the same time on oneSim.Challenging (Bronze) – finish 50 Challenges.The huge Proposal (Silver) – get engaged.Movin’ On up (Silver) – Move right into a new home.Expertise (Silver) – with level 10 in a Skill.Working girlfriend (Silver) – come to be best friends v your ceo and every one of your co-workers.Dream huge (Silver) – finish a lifetime Wish.Power Overwhelming (Silver) – Unlcok every an excellent Karma power by purchasingthem with challenge Points.Leet Skillz (Silver) – Complete any 10 ability Journal Milestones.Genie (Silver) – gain 150,000 Lifetime happiness Points in one Sim.The Reviler (Silver) – come to be a publicly menace.Master Architect (Silver) – construct a home of at least §350,000 property value top top alarge lot.Child Prodigy (Silver) – complete Lifetime wish before becoming a Young Adult.True wide range (Silver) – get 250,000 Lifetime delight on one Sim.Very challenging (Silver) – finish 100 Challenges.Uberchallenging (Silver) – finish 150 Challenges.Wish-Master (Silver) – finish 100 Wishes.Miracle Worker (Gold) – complete 1,000 Wishes.Master of Simology (Platinum) – Unlock all other Trophies.