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"The Show" is a single by Doug E. Fresh and also the acquire Fresh Crew. Explained as "a reality present of a hip Hop performance" the track concentrates on a conversation in between Doug E. Fresh and also MC Ricky D (later known as Slick Rick) together they prepare because that a show. The song incorporates portions of the melody native the theme tune of the animated series Inspector Gadget. The original worry of the song featured a line where Slick stack mockingly sings a city from The Beatles" "Michelle" (1965), but all succeeding reissues have actually removed this line due to the fact that the rights to the track were never secured. initially released as a single, the track was later remixed and included ~ above the 1986 Oh, mine God! album.more »

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Ladies and gentlemenThe most exciting stage show you"ve ever witnessedAppearing live, Doug E Fresh and also the get Fresh Crew(Oh mine God!)(Oh my God!)(Oh mine God!)Excuse me Doug E FreshYes?Have you ever seen a show with fellas top top the micWith one minute rhymes that don"t come out rightThey bite, they never write, that"s no politeAm i lying?No, you"re fairly rightWell tonight on this an extremely mic you"re around to hearWe swear, the ideal darn rappers that the yearSo, so, cheerio, yell, scream bravoAlso, if girlfriend didn"t recognize this is dubbed The ShowAy yo DougWhat?Put her Ballys onYo Rick, ns was around to but I need a shoe hornWhy?Because these shoes constantly hurt my cornsSix minutesSix minutesSix minutes Doug E fresh you"re onUh uh on, uh uh on, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh uh uh onUh uh on, uh uh on, uh-huh-uh-huh-uh uh uh on (oh my God!)Uh uh on (oh my God!)(Is that real?) (Oh, oh, oh my God!)Here we go (here we go) come on (come on)Here we go (here us go) come on (come on)Yo, where"s Will and also Barr?Well ns don"t know they"re lateTold "em the time, oh i forgot the dateMan, you did the again, five noYo, below we go, come on, here we go, come onHere us go, walk you miss out on the showNo, no, no-no-no no us didn"tNo no-no-no no-no-no no we didn"tNo us didn"t, well don"t obtain us wrongExcuse me Doug EExcuse me Doug EExcuse me Doug E fresh you"re onUh uh on(Is the real?) (Oh, my God!)(Is the real?) (Oh, oh, five my God!)(Is it real?) (Oh, oh, five my God!)(Is it real?) (Oh, oh, five my God!)(Is it real?) (Oh, oh)(Is it real?) (Oh, oh, oh my God!)(Is the real?) (Is it real?) (Oh, mine God!)Well it started off on 8th AvenueWhen I comprised the name called the acquire Fresh CrewIt to be me, my 2 DJs chilled Will and Barry tape my right hand male Ricky DI provided to rap and also sing, make sounds and also thingsAnd because that example, here"s a call ringHello, is Doug E new in?No, he"s not in best now but anyway, no an ext delayJust examine out the new style i displayNow you acquired to be (Fresh)To rock with (Fresh)And I"m D-O-U-G-I-E (Fresh)And I"m known for theNot for theThe human being beat box or the entertainerNo other title can fit me plainerIn a pass generation, i am a remainerAnd I"m likewise known together the beatbox trainerCashing checks, make sound effectsAnd ~ I complete rocking, Slick stack is on next (you understand it) Slick Rick!Well, here"s a small something that requirements to it is in heardDoug, ns was walking downtown (word, Rick?) word!(Sure) all alone, nobody to be withStepped ~ above the D-Train in ~ 205thI experienced a quite girl (so?) so i sat next to herThen she went roar prefer she was Tony the TigerI said hold on, there"s to be a mistakeHoney, my name"s Slick Rick not Frostie Flakes(Oh, golly wolly) "Cause she was elevating hellShe said, um, my name is Maggie yet call me MichelleBust a move, us show and also proveAy yo Doug, perform that document Jam top top The Groove(Oh, oh, five my God!) (Is it real?)(Oh, oh, oh my God!) (Is it real?)(Oh, oh, oh my God!) (Is it real?)(Oh, oh, oh my God!) (Is that real?)(Is that real?) (Oh, oh)(Is that real?) (Is the real?) (Oh, my God!)As you have the right to see, many definitely, we are (fresh)Chill will (fresh)Barry B (fresh)Ricky D (fresh)And i am the original human being beatbox, the entertainer, Doug E (Fresh)(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, five oh my, my God!)

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Slick stack Richard Walters (born 14 January 1965), better known through his stage name Slick Rick, is a Grammy-nominated British- American rapper. He has also been well-known as MC Ricky D and Rick the Ruler.

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He began his career in so late 1983, in the hip hop genre, wherein he videotaped a series of acclaimed recordings such as "La Di Da Di" and "Children"s Story". He is known for the usage of rigid in his raps and has been called "hip hop"s best storyteller."” an ext »