Skai Jackson Biography

Skai Jackson is an American Actress, YouTuber, and also author that is famous for her appearances in the Disney Channel series Jessie and Bunk’d.

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She began her career together a child design in miscellaneous national advertisements, consisting of bandages for Band-Aid, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and the Old Navy. Her very first real acting project was in the totally free film Liberty boy in 2007, sought a scene of Rescue Me in 2008, and the film The fag in 2009. In 2009, she to be thrown individual from the Nickelodeon pre-school vivified plan Bubble Guppies presume the project of small Fish.

From 2010 come 2011 she visitant featured in the TV plan Team Umizoomi, imperial Pains, and also Boardwalk Empire. She additionally had little jobs in the 2011 movie Arthur and The Smurfs.

Skai Jackson Photo

In 2011, she was provided a duty as Zuri Ross in the Disney Channel sitcom Jessie. In 2014, she visitor featured in a scene of Disney XD’s vivified plan Ultimate Spider-Man. In 2015, one more Disney Channel plan Bunk’d, a turn off that Jessie, was reported whereby Jackson repeats her task of Zuri Ross

Skai Jackson Age

She to be born top top 8 April 2002 in new York City, new York, United States. She celebrates her date of birth on 8 April every year.

Skai Jackson Height

She is a woman of an average structure. She stands at an average elevation of 4 ft 11 in (150 cm). She weighs 75 pounds (34 kg).

Skai Jackson parents

She is the daughter the Kiya Cole and Jacob Jackson. She parents separated as soon as she to be still young and was increased with she mom. She has actually a brother and a sister.

Skai Jackson Boyfriend

It was rumored the she was dating a Florida rapper named Trunks because that the past year but the two parted ways. She dating background is not clear to date, she is single.

Skai Jackson network Worth

She is one American actress who has made a an excellent fortune indigenous her exhilaration career and also commercial work. She salary is not known, she has an approximated net precious of $500 thousand

Skai Jackson Facts and Body Measurements

Full Name: Skai JacksonAge/ exactly how Old?: 18 year old (2020)Date of Birth: April 8, 2002Place that Birth: new York City, brand-new York, U.S.Birthday: April 8Nationality: AmericanEducation‎: not Available
Father’s Name: Jacob JacksonMother’s Name: Kiya ColeSiblings: Two( a brother and a sister)Married?: no AvailableChildren/ Kids: no AvailableHeight/ how tall?: 4 ft 11 in (150 cm)Weight: 75 pounds (34 kg)Profession: Actress, YouTuber, authorEmployer: Jessie, Bunk’dNet worth: $500 thousandShoe Size: 4 (US)Body Shape: SlimHair Colour: Black

Skai Jackson DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders

She was cast as Summer, a Fastfin dragon in the 2019-2020 American computer-animated web television collection DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders. The collection follows Dak and Leyla, twins increased by dragons who, as a result, acquired a special ability to connect with them, supporting and saving dragons and also the Huttsgalor people.

Skai Jackson bubble Guppies

She was the tiny Fish in season one and also two that the Canadian-American children’s television series Bubble Guppies. Little Fish is a group of tiny goldfish the act together guides because that the spectators in each season. Castle announce the name of the episode and yell the end the answers to inquiries from the viewer-response, and in certain scenes incorporate feedback.

Skai Jackson Michael Jackson

Is Skai Jackson concerned Michael Jackson?. She is not regarded the late Michael Jackson.

Skai Jackson Ethnicity

Her nationality is American and belongs to African-American ethnicity.

Skai Jackson Azealia Banks

She shut under Azealia Banks in may 2016 on twitter once she i found it Azealia making racist comments around Zayn Malik on Twitter. She was standing to protect Zayn.

Skai Jackson Jessie

Skai was actors as Zuri Ross, a sassy, in the American comedy television series Jessie. Zuri Ross is a strong-willed, quick-witted and talkative girl who was brought to NYC from her birth nation of Uganda. Through a love for rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, and country music, she is highly an imaginative and has countless stuffed animals and also imaginary friends. She’s the Ross boys ‘ oldest. She has close ties v Maggie, Sarah, her imaginary friends. Further on, Zuri allows go of all her imaginary friends, claiming that as a teenager she is maturing.

Skai Jackson Bunk’d

She was cast as Zuri Ross, a sweet however sharp, sarcastic, and talkative girl in the American comedy television series Bunk’d. She is the youngest that the Ross children and is a camper in Cabin Woodchuck. By the end of season three, Zuri becomes an intern at her father’s filming studio.

Skai Jackson House

Because of security reasons, she has not common her house. Us will instantly update this details if we obtain her house.

 Jackson Movies

2014: mine Dad’s a soccer Mom2013: G.I. Joe: Retaliation2011: Arthur2011: The Smurfs2009: The Rebound2008: Rescue Me2007: Liberty Kid

Jackson TV Shows

2018: Marvel Rising: Initiation2015–2018: Bunk’d2015: K.C. Undercover2014: ultimate Spider-Man2013: great Luck Charlie2013: The Watsons go to Birmingham2012–2014: Dora the Explorer2012: Austin & Ally2011–2015: Jessie2011–2013: balloon Guppies2011: Boardwalk Empire2010: Team Umizoomi2010: imperial PainsFrequently inquiry Questions about Jackson

Who is Skai Jackson?

Jackson is an American Actress, YouTuber, and also author who is famous for she appearances in the Disney Channel series Jessie and Bunk’d.

How old is Skai Jackson?

She is 17 year old as of 2019. She was born ~ above April 8, 2002, in new York City, brand-new York, U.S.

How high is Skai Jackson?

She stands at a elevation of 4 ft 11 in.

Is Skai Jackson married?

Details about her love life room still under review. We will let you know when she gets in a connection or once we discover useful information about her love life.

How lot is Skai Jackson worth?

She has actually an approximate net worth that $500 thousand. This amount has actually been accrued from her leading duties in the entertainment industry.

How much does Skai Jackson make?

Her value is under review.

Where walk Skai Jackson live?

She lives in brand-new York, in the joined States, us shall upload images of her residence as soon as we have them.

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Is Skai Jackson dead or alive?

She is still alive and also in an excellent health. There have actually been no reports of she being sick or having any kind of health-related issues.

Where is Skai Jackson now?

She is working on her book “Reach because that the Skai: how to Inspire, Empower, and also Clapback”

Jackson phone Number

Her contacts space private. You have the right to still with her v her social media account below:

Skai Instagram

anyone here has actually been therefore gracious and kind.