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I remember as a tiny boy life in the Burg we had actually wallpaper, the was actually made the paper, anywhere in ours home. Every when in a while dad would certainly buy a deserve to of wallpaper cleaner. We would take it the end of the can and rub it everywhere the wallpaper and marvel at how clean the eco-friendly putty-like substance would obtain the wallpaper.

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That to be a lengthy time back and wallpaper this day is commonly made the end of vinyl definition you can carefully wash it through water.

Learning how to wash walls and also ceilings have the right to save you a bundle in lieu of painting which can expense from $800 come upwards of $1600 because that a big living room depending upon how huge your room is and also the contractor friend hire! While not a glamorous subject, there’s a correct way to professionally wash walls and ceilings.

Some folks will opt to hire out the work because it is labor intensive. This is less complicated said than done is some locations because though in some cases cleaning suppliers will provide wall washing yet often, together is the case in our Pittsburgh Pa. Area, most don’t which means this job is an ext than likely to fall on her plate.

I have chatted through a couple of folks who think they understand wall and ceiling cleaning and treat it together if there room no tricks and also secrets to doing the project right. Nothing could be farther indigenous the truth.

Over the year in the house cleaning industry, a regular question the pops up when it comes to wall washing is carry out you begin at the top and also work your means down or perform you start at the bottom and work your means up.

Some folk reason it’s like paint a wall which means you start at the top and work your way down? Wrong! and also for reasons that i can’t explain, well i can describe the reason however I can’t define the phenomenon i m sorry is past the limit of this writing and might be finest left because that a chemical engineer or scientist.

So let’s start to understand just how to manage a wall surface and ceiling washing project.

Hindrances To wall surface and Ceiling Washing

There are 5 main points that will make this job distasteful, in ~ least much more than it needs to be. Ns am sure there is a myriad of other items as well, such as the household dog the is in the way, yet these five will cover most cases. Lock are:

The wrong tools or suppliesPictures, artwork, mirrors any other items hanging top top the wallsChandeliers and Ceiling FansFurniture close to or up versus the wallsPoor lighting

Gather Tools necessary For Walls and also Ceilings

Before beginning, friend will have to gather a couple of inexpensive supplies and also tools. Be specific to gather all you need before you start. Nothing can exasperate me an ext than starting a project and discovering the I should stop to discover something that ns should’ve found before starting. Our brief list of provides follows:

One bucket with a handle (Some support 2 buckets – one for washing and one because that rinsing. No-rinse options are ideal saving time and also your back. The product ns recommend requires no rinsing and does a superb task of removing dirt.A natural sea sponge for washing (not as long lasting as man-made sponges yet is tenderness on paint)A toothbrush – come clean in the nooks and also crannies.A high quality, no to wash soap product (I favor Soilmax.)A pair that rubber gloves.Goggles for ceiling work.A two-step stool or maybe a ladder if the walls or ceiling room high up.A high-quality ostrich feather duster to dust the walls prior to washing (Saves time and makes washing lot easier.)Several old towels to place on the floor to catch dripping or running water (aids in maintaining your carpets and also floor clean and more importantly dry.)

Heed This Warning before Washing

Before beginning this project, it’s essential to understand what type of repaint you’ve on her walls and also ceiling. The only caution right here is if you’ve flat paint. Flat repaint can’t be washed however must be re-painted instead.

Washing level paint will remove the dust for specific by removing the paint as well! Usually, walls will be painted v a gloss, a semi-gloss or a satin finish definition they can be washed. However, sometimes, also though walls have the right to be washed a ceiling will have actually been painted with flat paint and will need re-painting rather of washing.

Surprisingly, as mentioned before, wallpaper can more often than no be washed because oddly sufficient it’s typically made indigenous a vinyl material. That would have actually known? In any kind of case, check wallpaper very first in an inconspicuous area prior to beginning just to be specific it doesn’t loosen or breakdown from the dampness.

Prepare Walls and Ceilings prior to Starting

So currently you’re all set to acquire started. Hold your horses, no so fast. Follow the following six points come make your time washing the walls and also ceiling much much easier and an ext productive.

Remove all mirrors, photo frames, and any various other items hanging ~ above your wall surfaces (tip: placed a piece of masking ice cream on the pond to protect against your finger from getting reduced when washing.)Turn turn off the existing that operation to any type of ceiling fan or chandelier.Pull furniture far from your walls at least four feet or more if you have the room.Remove curtains to store them for sure but also to get a much natural light right into the room together possible.Using your feather duster dust all the walls and also possibly ceilings, if needed, starting from the optimal working your means down to the floor. (This action will conserve you some time and hard job – specifically if you have actually cobwebs and also a lot of of loosened surface dirt. There is no cogent factor to wash the dirt away once you have the right to quickly and easily dust the away through a long-handled feather duster.)Roll her towels in a loosened roll and lay castle on the floor up versus the wall to record dripping water.

Get all set – Get collection – start Washing

Follow the directions on the Soilmax box and pour what lock say right into the bucket for your specific cleaning needs. Run hot water into the bucket if stirring the water to ensure the Soilmax is dissolved completely.

Put on your rubber gloves prior to you begin to to wash the walls to conserve your hand from drying out.Dip the sponge into the warm water and squeeze the end the excess water just enough to save it native dripping. You desire it wet yet not dripping water almost everywhere the walls and floor.

If you are washing the ceiling be certain to wear her goggles to stop soapy water drips from acquiring into her eyes. Usage your action stool or a ladder to obtain close come the ceiling and also thereby minimize stretching which will tire girlfriend out and also make this task more daunting than it requirements to be.

Starting at a corner and using a one motion start scrubbing a 3 or four-foot square area. Rinse your sponge as essential (see 6 below). ~ the very first section is completed, proceed by moving over and also beginning to working a 2nd three or four-foot square area. Be sure to overlap the very first area through an inch or two. Proceed working your means around the room till the whole ceiling is completed.

Be careful roughly ceiling fans and also chandeliers as water and electric don’t mix well and ceiling pan can quickly slice increase fingers and also arms when spinning. Friend did psychic to rotate off the current prior to starting, right?

Attack the walls by beginning at a corner. If you have actually baseboards start by starting come clean a stretch the baseboard 3 or 4 foot long.

In either case, when you start the walls start to scrub in a circular motion at the bottom close to the floor or just above the baseboard if you have baseboards. Clean a square area 3 or four foot – a dimension that is comfortable and also easy because that you come reach.

Some people suggest functioning from the optimal down i beg your pardon is a mistake, trust me top top this one, I have tried both. As soon as running water from the optimal runs down over the dirty walls below it will certainly streak and cause you to work extra tough to get the steaks out. Ns can’t define the phenomenon yet for some reason it’s true.

Use her toothbrush as required to scrub difficult to reach locations such as around switch plates, corners, whereby the wall surface meets the baseboard and around molding or chair rails if you have them.

Rinse the end your sponge as required when it becomes dirty or too dry. If friend don’t take the moment to rinse regularly enough you will certainly be disappointed v the results. At a minimum, you should rinse after every three or four-foot area is completed prior to going come the next area.

When the area nearest the floor is completed, continue by scrubbing an additional three or four-foot square area just above the one you completed being particular to overlap the very first area through an inch or two through the brand-new area you are working on. As soon as this area is completed, move over it and start to clean the next area in prefer fashion.

Continue, in this manner, till you reach the ceiling. You may need to use your action stool or ladder depending on how high up your walls run to the ceiling. If any kind of water runs under the wall surface to an area girlfriend have already completed simply wipe it through a towel to eliminate it. This is sweet due to the fact that you’ll not encounter any type of streaks favor you would’ve if friend were working from the top down.

If you’ve taken the time to placed a small piece of masking ice cream on any type of nails in the wall you have a clear indication of where the pond are, otherwise it is in extra careful or you’ll threat cutting your fingers quite easily. Ns wish i knew around the masking tape cheat the last time i washed walls.

After you’ve cleaned a wall area indigenous the floor come the ceiling it’s time to shift to the best or left a few feet relying on which way you’re working your way around the room.

Start scrubbing at the bottom as before and also work increase in 3 or four-foot areas that room comfortable and easy to reach. Overlap each new area by an customs or so come the area alongside it and below it that has currently been cleaned. Work-related your means around the room until all walls and also baseboards (if you have them) space cleaned.

While Washing A couple of Tips to Bear in Mind

This work have the right to be physically intensive, especially ceilings. Accidents and injuries are much more likely to happen when you’re tired. If and when you get worn down take a breather. Yet if you should take a break try an initial to finish a whole wall by working until you with a corner before stopping to rest. This helps to protect against streaking.

The much less stretching you execute the simpler it is to finish this project. Take the time to relocate your action stool or ladder together needed. Occupational in tiny enough areas that space easy and also comfortable come reach.

Hot water works better than cold water. Once your water i do not care dirty or cool come the touch readjust it. Relying on how dirty her walls and ceiling are, you may need to change it frequently.

Stop to usage your toothbrush when necessary – your fingers will say thanks to you.

Wear her goggles once cleaning the ceiling. Wearing them when washing the walls is a wise move as well. Her eyes will say thanks to you due to the fact that the soap you’re using to clean the walls and also ceiling have the right to be quite harsh on her eyes.

A spoonful of street helps the medicine go down, the medicine go down, the medicine go down… Okay, so ns can’t sing an extremely well. But music help me to get a hard job completed and it can be what the medical professional ordered because that you together well. A radio nearby blasting the end a track that energizes one because that work, is helpful for most folks.

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That’s about it. If girlfriend have ideas or favor our post please share in the comments box. We would love come hear native you. Please take a moment to re-superstructure this short article if you uncovered it useful.