Do you need a word because that a human being who foretells the future? Take treatment in your selection. There space plenty the synonyms, yet most have actually a distinctive connotation. Below are 15 mostly distinct terms and their specific meanings:

1. augur: One that predicts events based on omens; the name stems native officials in old Rome who brought out this form of task. (The verb kind is used in the expression “augurs well,” together in “This result augurs well for us.”) no to be puzzled with auger, words for a device or tool for boring holes.

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2. Cassandra: One who appropriately predicts unfortunate occasions in vain, from the personality in Greek mythology for this reason cursed.

3. crystal gazer: One who offers a decision or glass world or other objects in order to channel knowledge; a modern-day sense is the predicting without adequate information.

4. doomsayer: One who regularly predicts disaster. (See Cassandra because that a special sense.)

5. fortune-teller: One who foretells events, typically to a customer regarding that person’s an individual life.

6. futurist: One who uses opinions or insights about the future based on study of past and current events; this hatchet is most ideal for a serious conversation of modern predictions about societal issues based upon trends.

7. Jeremiah: A downhearted biblical prophet, and, by extension, anyone who predicts calamity; his name likewise gave increase to the term jeremiad, an interpretation “a complaint or rant.”

8. oracle: A human being who serves as the mouthpiece of a deity. (Oracular pronouncements in old Greece to be obscure and also ambiguous, and much more than one number in Greek mythology learned that lesson painfully.) The term now refers, through extension, come anyone respected because that the sagacity of your opinions or predictions.

9. palm reader/palmist: A fortune-teller who predictions are based upon reading the currently of a person’s palm.

10. prophesier: One that prophesies (pronounced with a lengthy i), or provides a prediction, frequently in the feeling of a veiled message, handed down v the generations, that foretells one occurrence.

11. prognosticator: One who predicts based upon observations that phenomena.

12. prophet: One who reveals through divine inspiration. In the Abrahamic religious beliefs (Christianity, Islam, and also Judaism), the term describes one who has received messages straight from God; in this sense, the singular and also plural forms are often capitalized.

13. seer: One that predicts events, particularly a crystal gazer. By extension, this term describes insightful contemporary experts.

14. sibyl: one of a number of female prophets that the ancient world.

15. soothsayer: One that predicts the future through reason, intuition, or magic.

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There is no noun kind of the expression “deja vu” the identifies a person who experience an illusion of having currently lived through an occasion occurring because that the first time, but there must be. The term likewise refers casually come a familiar but unwelcome experience. (“Support because that the Libyan rebels to be yet another case the deja vu.”)

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8 Responses to “15 Terms for Those who Tell the Future”

kircon September 19, 2011 2:34 am

14. Sibyl: among a number of female prophets the the old world.

^so this is wherein Sybil Trelawney that the bother Potter world came from. Interesting!