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Photos aid freeze time and carry out a intuitive reminder of vital memories. Memory the happiness of photography and cameras v a playlist that pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and metal songs.

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Freezing Time in a Snapshot

A photo captures a thin part of time. Slice it right, and also a photo bears witness to the raw truth of that a human is, that they aspire come be, and also what they're feeling at the moment. Space they irked, fragile, gratified? The an ext candid the photo, the an ext insight you have actually into your psyche.

Even in this made-for-Instragram world, photographers can record people's raw, unguarded honesty. My daughter, a part-time portrait photographer, often shares account of her many memorable photograph sessions. They include:

A dice grandmother that wanted her family members to remember she the means she was prior to cancer claimed her life,A household with therefore many youngsters that the photo had actually to be shot native above, andThe household who met their father's out-of-wedlock adult child for the very first time in ~ the studio, five minutes before group photos.

Photos help freeze time and carry out a visual reminder of vital memories. Celebrate the delight of photography and also cameras through a playlist of pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and metal songs.

1. "Photograph" by Ed Sheeran

When circumstances separate us from love ones, photographs let us freeze time. Occasionally their physical picture serves as a daily reminder. At other times, we lean on emotionally substantially visual imagery, frozen in our mind's eye as we wait to it is in reunited, either in this life or the next. This 2014 love ballad to be a worldwide hit and also was inspired by Ed Sheeran's one-year, long-distance relationship with Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt.

2. "Picture" by kid Rock (featuring Sheryl Crow)

Sexual fireworks were cracking between negative boy rocker child Rock and pop singer Sheryl crow in this 2002 country/pop crossover hit. Although many people speculated that they were a real-life item, the rumor was never ever confirmed. Crow's part in this track was originally performed by singer-songwriter Allison Moorer.

The track highlights the anguish of a pair suffering a breakup. Both can't bear to look at their sweetheart's picture. The man has actually spent the last three days holed up in a hotel room v cocaine, whiskey, and a revolving door of various other women. He has placed his sweetheart's photo out of sight because it hurts too much to look at it.

At the exact same time, the woman has been drink cheap wine and bedding down through an old friend of she ex's. She attempts to reconnect through him have been unanswered, and also she top to church to try to cope. Picture are continuous visual reminders because that both partners, and also they ultimately prompt promises of change and partnership reconciliation.

3. "I'll Wait" by valve Halen

This synth-heavy steel number was from van Halen's 1984 album, a pinnacle of accomplishment for the difficult rock band. The song was motivated by a print advertisement of a female model wearing men's Calvin Klein underwear. The tune's narrator is crushing difficult on a gorgeous woman in a magazine advertisement. The imagines having a genuine relationship v the beauty, beauty in the photo and also writes she a fan letter yet never sends out it. She need to be perfect due to the fact that Photoshopping wasn't designed yet.

4. "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga

Celebrities gain a love/hate connection with the paparazzi, expert photographers that intrusively shadow them to snap photos for tabloid magazines and gossip net sites. Here's the catch, however. Oftentimes, it's the stars' very own public relationships agencies that alert the cameramen to your whereabouts!

This 2009 techno run song describes a cameraman's obsessive love for his celebrity topic as the pursues she for photos. Perceiving himself together her biggest fan, the stalker-azzi chases her down for the best photo until she's in the crosshairs of his camera lens.

5. "Centerfold" through The J. Geils Band

The crestfallen male in this 1981 rock tune has lugged with that the sweet memory of his high institution crush, a blue-eyed angel from his homeroom. Pure as snowflakes and also clad in soft, fuzzy sweaters, the chaste teen grew up come take turn off her clothing for money, however. The narrator discovers this by surprise as soon as leafing v a girly magazine (for the articles, I'm sure). There to be his angel all splayed out in the centerfold.

Although his fond memories of her are destroyed, over there is an equal part of the dirty boy that is eager to ask her out and rev increase his high institution fantasies:

A component of me has just to be rippedThe pages from mine mind room strippedOh, no, i can't refuse itOh, yeah, i guess i gotta to buy it.

6. "Take a Picture" by Filter

This different rock song from 1999 is around a male who it s okay drunk ~ above a plane, disrobes entirely, climate pleads through a friend to snap a photo of him together evidence because he won't psychic the incident in the morning.

The monitor is autobiographical in nature, describing a time when former Nine inch Nails guitartist Richard Patrick ended up being drunk on a plane, stripped naked, and also fought with trip attendants who tried to store him in check. He to be arrested ~ above landing and taken come a psychiatric ward. Sounds favor someone has a serious substance abuse problem.

7. "Photograph" by Def Leppard

This man must not gain out much due to the fact that he's collapse in love v a magazine photograph. In this high power glam metal hit from 1983, the beauty has a host on the track narrator. That desperately wants to touch her, yet he must settle because that admiring she from afar. Occasionally love is just out of reach. Or possibly it's not actually "love" in ~ all?

8. "A snapshot of Me" through Lorrie Morgan

First videotaped by George Jones, this 1991 country hit features a woman that relates come her better half how incomplete she would certainly be there is no him in her life. She paints a visual of

a human being without music,a church with no praying,a sky with no blue,Heaven v no angels, anda river the doesn't doesn't flow.

That describes her without her sweetheart.

9. "Picture come Burn" through Taylor Swift

Back in 2008 when Taylor Swift to be a nation star, she penned this uptempo ditty around getting revenge on one old flame who broke her heart. The song was motivated by high school classmate Jordan Alford who she "almost dated." (That's dubbed a crush, Taylor.) He later on married a common friend.

With claws out, Swift maligns him as a liar and a pick-up control redneck that loves self "more than you might ever love me." She considers the "just another snapshot to burn" and also considers exactly how she can avenge the pains he has caused. Girl, girlfriend didn't even date him!

10. "Selfie" by The Chainsmokers

We've all met the narcissistic girl in this 2014 electronic dance track who stops what she's doing to say, "Let me take it a selfie." (You're no her, are you?)

This fluff head is in a dance club prattling on in ~ length about a male named Jason, dissing various other girls' looks and also their fashion choices. She plans she social media posts, then her attention easily switches to drinking and dancing—whatever looks great in former of the camera.

11. "Polaroid" by Keith Urban

A faded Polaroid photo brings the memories crashing with for the male in this 2020 country tune. He's hanging ~ above the photo as a soft reminder of who he and his partner supplied to be. The snapshot shows them together strangers in ~ a high college party once they an initial met. Back then, he was was fawning end her and also awkwardly struggling to do conversation. Since then they've a lengthy way.

The Polaroid immediate camera was very first brought to industry in 1948, and it struggle its stride in the 1980s. Back still obtainable today, it has largely been replaced by digital alternatives.


"I really believe there room things nobody would view if i didn't photo them." - Diane Arbus, American photographer

Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash, free Domain, modified by FlourishAnyway

12. "Heaven" by Warrant

The couple in this 1989 love ballad by hair steel band Warrant is made for one another. The masculine narrator tote a faded black and also white photograph to remind self of the most important person in his life: his girlfriend. She provides him feel choose a hero and remains his greatest fan despite what she friends say. What a keeper! It to be Warrant's highest-charting song.

13. "Photograph" by Ringo Starr

It's been years due to the fact that the narrator of this campy 1973 rocky track was left by his lady love. One aging photo is every he has to remind that of their life together and the areas they offered to go. That has involved realize the she is never ever coming back home. Sadly, he'll have to thrive old and gray there is no her.

14. "Photograph" through Nickelback

How long has actually it been since you looked v an album the high school memories? In this 2005 absent song, a male emotionally relives memories indigenous adolescence as he looks at a picture album spread out out top top his bedroom floor. The hashes v memories of farming up with an old friend, and one photograph in details triggers recollections that the following:

sneaking the end of the house,getting recorded breaking into the school,hanging the end at the arcade,skipping school and not graduating, andkissing his very first girlfriend.

15. "Selfie #theinternetisforever" by Brad Paisley

No truer words were spoken: "The web is forever." You deserve to count on Brad Paisley because that humor v this 2017 nation number that supplies up all-too-real cases of human being posting social media pictures, including

grandma in her casket (#sadday),a swimsuit selfie in a bathroom mirror through a toddler ~ above the restroom in the background,wet t-shirt photos, andsmoking in your third trimester.

There are some photos we simply can't unsee, and also now many thanks to the internet we'll never ever forget them. Call the net the gift that keeps on giving.


"Photography is the story i fail to put right into words." - Destin Sparks, Australian landscape photographer

Mark Harpur via Unsplash, totally free Domain, modified by FlourishAnyway

16. "Wishing (If I had actually a photo of You)" by A i cry of Seagulls

This 1982 brand-new wave song was based on a day that command singer Mike Score had with a girl right before the band's an initial tour that the unified States. That asked to take it her photograph so he could remember her while ~ above tour, and also she declined, reasoning that that would become famous and also forget about her. He never saw the girl again. The song explains unfulfilled possibilities—spending her life wishing for just a photograph of who who meant something distinct to you.

17. "Hey Ya! (Shake It choose a Polaroid Picture)" through Outkast

This high power 2003 track by rap duo Outkast topped the charts, won a Grammy Award, and became one of Rolling stone magazine's "500 best Songs of every Time". The song explains how difficult it is to store a love connection together ("Are us still in denial as soon as we know we're no happy here?").

It famously uses the term, "Shake it favor a Polaroid picture" to explain dancing. This motivated the Polaroid company to issue a declare cautioning that customers not to shake their instant photos, as doing so might damage or distort the arising image. I bet girlfriend still do it though, out of habit, am ns right?

18. "Pictures" through Lady Antebellum

Pictures deserve to be deceptive, together the mrs in this country ditty from 2019 notices when she looks earlier at snapshots that her and an old flame. The picture depict a happy couple kissing in the sunset, having fun fishing, and sharing dinner at your favorite mexican restaurant. Why aren't they tho together? She point out out, however, the behind the Instagram grins and also fake poses hides distance, pain, and sorrow. Within she to be dying and also crying, also though the pair looked happy together. The was all a glossy lie.

19. "Click, Click, Click, Click" by Bishop Allen & The broken String

This 2007 alternate rock song prompts the listener come ponder when you space background context for various other people's lives and vice versa. It functions a man who looks for convenient refuge indigenous a pouring down rain in the wedding of two strangers. Although he had actually never met either the bride or groom, that stood next to the bride's brothers in their pictures. Years later, he still decorates their mantels in the photos, and also the family must certain wonder who this stranger is—must it is in from the other side that the aisle, probably what's-her-name's-son.


"When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear." - Alfred Eisenstaedt, German-born American photojournalist

Mehdi Lamaaffar via Unsplash, cost-free Domain, modified by FlourishAnyway

20. "Mama lost Her Smile" by Lee Ann Womack

As the woman in this poignant 2017 nation song pours v a crate of old family members photos, she notices the they deserve to be easily separated into "before" and also "after" pictures based upon her mother's expression. Her family members experienced an fluctuate one summer when her father took a project in town. The whole family had to move. Some unknown trauma resulted in her mommy to shed her smile, and also the influence is dramatically recorded in those photos, mere flicker in time.

Even much more Songs about Photographs

Know a song around photographs that have to be ~ above this playlist? do a suggestion in the Comments ar below.

SongArtist(s)Year Released

21. "Kodachrome"

Paul Simon


22. "Itchin' top top a Photograph"



23. "Electric Eye"

Judas Priest


24. "Freeze Frame"

The J. Geils Band


25. "Camera Phone"

The video game (featuring Ne-Yo)


26. "Snapshot"



27. "Photograph"

J. Cole


28. "Click Click Click"

New kids on the Block


29. "Sure Shot"

Beastie Boys


30. "Picture This"



31. "Photographs"

Rihanna and Will.i.am


32. "Bookends"

Simon & Garfunkel


33. "I turn My Camera On"



34. "Photographs and also Memories"

Jim Croche


35. "Johnny Guitar"

Pearl Jam


36. "Photograph"

The Verve Pipe


37. "Family Portrait"



38. "Photograph"



39. "Photographic"

Depeche Mode


40. "Inaudible Melodies"

Jack Johnson


41. "Fountain of Sorrow"

Jackson Browne


42. "Old Photographs"

Carlene Carter


43. "Peg"

Steely Dan


44. "Photographs can Lie"

Elvis Costello & The Imposters


45. "Photo"

Ryan Cabrera


46. "Into the Lens"



47. "Send a snapshot of Mother"

Johnny Cash


48. "Cameras"

Matt and also Kim


49. "Girls top top Film"

Duran Duran


50. "Traces"

Classics IV


51. "In Color"

Jamey Johnson


52. "Need you Now"

Lady Antebellum


53. "In Pictures"



54. "Photograph"

R.E.M. (featuring Natalie Merchant)


55. "Was the a Dream?"

30 seconds to Mars


56. "Second Chance"

Lucy Rose


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