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Top through the irradiate of the silvery moon, boys turning into werewolves at the sight of a complete moon, valve Gogh’s Starry Night, we’ve always been fascinated by the glowing shiny glow coming off the moon. It must come together no surprise that some an excellent songs were inspired by moonlight. We’ve acquired hits through the two greatest rock bands that all-time, 2 one-hit wonders, two country hits, and even among the best composers in music history. But before we count under the TOP 10 MOONLIGHT SONGS, let’s take a quick detour and also offer up a puzzle for you….If vampires can’t it is in outside throughout the day due to the fact that of the sunlight, why room they tho ok in ~ night? do you recognize what causes moonlight? It’s made mainly from a reflection of sunlight (along v some rewish from other bright stars). Hmmmm, makes you think! earlier to the Countdown:

HM “Dancing v The Moonlight” The Scorpions A recent song indigenous The Scorpions “Return to Forever” album, it’s become an acoustic fan favorite.

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10 “Burning Moonlight” Toby Keith Toby reminds united state an underappreciated metaphor for a late night romance.

9 “Mr Moonlight” The Beatles perhaps the most overlooked Beatles’ song on the many overlooked Beatles’ album? “Mr Moonlight” was on the album, Beatles for Sale.

8 “Moonlighting” Al Jarreau The layout to ABC’s long-time to run detective show starring Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd.

7 “Moonlight feel Right” Starbuck The very first of two 70’s soft rock popular music hits by one struggle wonders.

6 “Can’t hit The Moonlight” LeAnn Rimes LeAnn’s very first true popular music hit, “Can’t hit The Moonlight” showed up on the soundtrack to Coyote Ugly.

5 “Dancing In The Moonlight” slim Lizzy slim Lizzy From your landmark 1977 album, bad Reputation. The ireland rock band hit #14 on the UK charts with the song sharing a title v a completely different song later on in the countdown.

4 “Runnin’ out of Moonlight” Randy Houser The newest Moonlight track to make our special optimal 10 list. The nation hit has some awesome so late night lyrics, “I wanna host you it rotates the break of dawn. Hear the crickets sing a riverside love song.”

3 “Moonlight Mile” The roll Stones Sex and also drugs and also rock & roll….one the the rojo Stones most underappreciated tracks on their ideal album, Sticky Fingers.

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2 “Moonlight Sonata” Beethoven Beethoven in ~ #2? Really? As significant as this legendary masterpiece is to experience, there’s no point out of “moonlight” in the text (Maybe because it’s an instrumental?)

1 “Dancing In The Moonlight” King Harvest A One-Hit Wonder indigenous the 70’s earns the peak spot top top the “moonlight” countdown. Night time is best time for a party and also King Harvest nail the party mood below with a perfect popular music single.

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