Last week during the Disney household Singalong, we had actually a miracle reunion v the original actors of High college Musical who came to us directly for their living rooms for an awesome rendition that “We’re all In This Together.” Today, we’ve got an additional reunion come share v you!

The cast of Disney Channel’s Sonny v a Chance organized a bit of a online reunion of their own which means its a bit an ext real than Disney’s version. Many of the cast members to be assembled consisting of Tiffany Thornton, Allisyn Ashley Arm, Doug Brochu, Sterling Knight, Audrey Whitby, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Shayne Topp, Damien Haas and also of course…Demi Lovato!

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Demi appeared on good type but go talk around some of the battles she experienced throughout her stint together Sonny Monroe in the series. This included battling an eating disorder, the pressure of teenage stardom and feeling overworked. She was also incredible candid around the battles she’s had actually with problem abuse and stints in rehab.


For those that followed in addition to the Disney Channel show, you’ll recognize that Demi starred top top the present for 2 seasons prior to leaving the present to enter a treatment facility because that substance abuse. However, the majority of the actors moved on v the present So Random. She claimed of she decision to leave, as soon as I left, you don’t mean the present to go on without me, yet it did,” she said. “I couldn’t have actually been more happiness for all of you, and also I simply wasn’t in a duration of time where I was ready to it is in on camera again. I might not go earlier to the environment and there were other things the factored into it.”


But together you have the right to see native the video, there were a many positive memories in there as well. Demi remembers safety time with cast members saying, “”I had the finest time through you guys, and also when i think about the show, I miss out on you guys.” She added, “I miss spending time v you and joking and also going come Kitchen 24 on our lunch division . . . If we were ever before to perform anything, ns think us should simply do a whole new thing.”

Fans that Demi are also encouraged to song in come the Disney family Singalong i m sorry is screening in ~ 7pm tonight on ABC and features an great duet between Demi and Michael Buble!

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