B – Boquerones (anchovies)

Fresh, they room boquerones. Fried, boquerones fritos. Pickled, boquerones en vinagre. Salted and also cured, anchoas. The best anchoas come indigenous Cantabria in the an extremely north the Spain. Look out for tapas the anchoas and boquerones together. Or just anchoas, on their own, atop a part of local cheese (queso de Payoyo) or with sliced tomatoes and also onions with olive oil. Yet they come, though, they’re always delicious. Especially when you have a cool glass of Fino or Manzanilla in your other hand!

C – Cephalopods

Cephalopods kind the mass of many menus here. In decreasing dimension order the family members members are:

Pulpo (octopus)Choco (cuttlefish)Calamar (squid)Chipiron (small squid)Puntillita (tiny squid)

Each household member is elevation i.e. A puntillita will never grow to become a calamar. They all squirt octopus at their predators – this ink providing the lusciousness to arroz negro and croquetas de choco/sepia. Relying on how they space cooked, they are low in fat yet high in cholesterol. Ns love every cephalopods cooking in all manners.

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D – Desayuno (breakfast) 

Here in La Janda region breakfast method one of 3 things: tomate, mermelada or manteca – on toast (tostada) that course. Medio or entero – whole or fifty percent of a torpedo roll, mollete or pan de campo (workers’ bread). Mine fave is mollete. ~ the classic pan con tomate y aceite, always with a sprinkle the salt top top top. Mermelada, is no marmalade, it’s jam. Friend will discover that mermelada de melocotón (peach) is the most typical around here since Seville is renowned because that the beautifully sweet peaches the produces throughout the summer months. Look the end for La Vieja Fábrica brand – it’s truly the finest. Ultimately there’s manteca colorada (Iberian pork fat ). I understand what you can be thinking; however, the fat used below comes particularly from the Cerdo Ibérico (Iberian pig), who purely acorn diet produces a fat rich in healthy Omega 3 oils, like fish oils. It’s because of this healthier 보다 your average butter, yet oh so lot richer. As a good Australian friend living in Vejer put it: the British prosper up through buttered toast, the Aussies v Vegemite ~ above toast, and the Spanish, pork fat on toast.

E – Erizos (sea urchins)


Ibérico is the name provided to the pork commodities from the acorn-fed Cerdo Ibérico or Pata Negra. The the acorns that provide the pork its distinctive flavour and also succulence. Acorns are complete of oleic acid, the same as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so the fat from the Cerdo Ibérico is concerned as healthy and balanced fat. Look the end for Jamón Ibérico and also Chorizo Ibérico. And also for food preparation on her plancha or BBQ, Presa Ibérica and also Secreto Ibérico. Store an eye out for atún en Manteca Ibérica (tuna maintained in fat native the Iberian pig), found at the Herpac tuna preserve shop in Barbate. Serrano ham is from the pink pig fed on common pig food so that does not offer the same healthy and balanced qualities. The price that Jamón Ibérico will certainly reflect how plenty of months the pig has actually been fed top top acorns. That can selection from €100-€200 a kilo. Serrano deserve to start roughly €20 every kilo.

J – Jamón Ibérico

Iberian pigs room left come run cost-free and gorge us on acorns (eating approximately 25 lb every a day) throughout the montanera – the duration when acorns abound. On reaching 160kg, the pigs are placed to sleep then slaughtered (if the animals are emphasize the meat would spoil). When butchered, the back and front foot are reduced from the pigs and also trimmed, leaving 2cm the fat. The joint is then stored for three weeks in piles of Atlantic sea salt. Washed, it spends 24-30 months drying in the huge bodegas. The waiting in Jabugo is pure, cold and also dry through day, yet humid in ~ night. This causes a distinctive mould to thrive on the ham, adding its own flavour to the meat. The ham is sweet, rich and also nutty, v a seductive creamy fat. Jamón describes the earlier leg; paleta, the prior leg. The front foot (paleta/shoulder) normally has more fat and as fat is king here, it deserve to be the much more popular, although cheaper cut. Read an ext about the manufacturing of fabulous Jamon Iberico here

K – K-naia

These shellfish room a delicacy here. Buy fresh from the fish market and discard any type of broken ones. To wash under cold running water to clean of any kind of sand and also then add to a preheated frying pan. As they start to open, squeeze out over several fresh lemon juice. Perhaps add a sprinkle the parsley. They’re past delicious as soon as accompanied by a glass of Manzanilla and lots the bread come soak up the cooking juices.

O – Oloroso 

On the scale of Sherry varieties, from crisp and dry Fino and also Manzanilla to rich and sweet Pedro Ximénez, Oloroso shows up further under the list. Its distinctive quality is that it is the only dry Sherry the is totally oxidised ideal from the start of that life. This is exactly what gives it that is dark mahogany colour. My overview to corresponding Sherry and tapas points out that when matching Sherry, ‘If it operation – Oloroso.’ It thus complements Queso de Cádiz, Jamón Ibérico, all regional cuts that pork such together Presa, Secreto, Lagarto and also Pluma and all Retinto burgers and also steaks exquisitely. Oloroso takes on one additional duty when added to Pedro Ximénez to produce an additional variant the Sherry called ‘Cream,’ frequently paired with neighborhood desserts.

P – Pescados Fritos (fried fish)


There room two types of meat that space worshipped in this region: Iberian pork and beef. Again we’re talking about a breed distinct to this bag of Andalucia, that hail native the Retin hills behind the seaside town the Zahara de los Atunes. Retinto cows live outside all year round and enjoy a diet that dried herbs and also scrub during the summer and lush pastures complying with the rain in winter. Lock a funny lot, determined by their reddish-brown colour, and can frequently be captured sight that on the beach! The locals insurance claim that their exposure come the salty sea air and also their pure earthy diet way their meat comes currently seasoned.

Whilst here, execute sample the diversity of Retinto bowl on offer, choose entrecote, carpaccio and also Retinto burgers. Or purchase it fresh to barbecue from our favourite butcher, Paco Melero. Each September, Zahara los Atunes hold a regional Ruta del Retinto (Rutadelretinto.com) in solemn event of the Retinto Beef (similar come the feather Ruta del Atun) – wherein the bars and restaurants complete to develop the finest tapa using the neighborhood beef.

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S – Sherry Triangle 

Whilst there is so much to be learnt about the beautiful trip Sherry goes through in that is elaboration, a an excellent starting allude is that Sherry have the right to only be produced in this part of the world, the an ar of Cadiz. Sherry has actually to age within the boundaries of Jerez de la Frontera, Puerto de Santa María and also Sanlúcar de Barrameda. Draw a line to join up these 3 towns and also you will have the Sherry Triangle. Comparable to A.C.of Champagne in France, other sparkling wines can not be dubbed champagne if castle are produced outside the AC that Champagne. Sherry have the right to only be dubbed such if developed within the Sherry Triangle. (Check out my beginner’s guide to Sherry here.) There is no much better example the a wine the is make to complement the food of an area 보다 Sherry through the food of Cadiz.