Draped in stunning hues the green and blue, there are some unbeatably majestic Spanish islands simply waiting to be discover by the adventurer within you. It’s around time you uncover these surprise gems the the world that boast of spectacular sights and fascinating experience dipped in Spain’s unique culture. When you’re at it, nothing forget come indulge in thrilling activities like hiking, mountain biking, surfing, diving, and an ext at these Instagram-worthy islands. Imagine being knee deep in the sand when holding your mimosa and staying tho for her friend come take your photograph. Sound dreamy, doesn’t it? Wanna recognize the best islands in Spain? role down!

10 best Spanish islands In The Mediterranean

We’ve shortlisted 10 significant Spanish Islands that you should take a expedition to through your far-reaching other at some point this year. You’ll be amazed in ~ the beauty and resplendence of this destinations. Make sure to gather her loved persons on this pilgrimage to make it a vacation to remember:

Ibiza: An Electrifying Nightlife and also Delectable CusinesMajorca: Incredible Beaches and also ResortsMenorca: The historic Island!El Hierro: The Gorgeous Island!La Gomera: A Paradise for Hikers!Lanzarote: Volacanos, Food & More!Formentera: White Beaches and also A Lighthouse!La Palma: Lush environment-friendly Jungles and also Walking Tours!Gran Canaria: Golf Arenas, Surfing funny & More!Tenerife: A sky For hill Lovers!

1. Ibiza: an Electrifying Nightlife and Delectable Cusines


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La Gomera is just one of the smaller sized Spanish islands to visit from whereby Christopher Columbus started his trips of discovery. The island is a mere boat ride far from Tenerife and also is a great place because that those who love hiking, trekking, or even basic walking tours. Boating of great climate year-round, La Gomera has an enormous variety of unique plants, beautiful forests, rock outcroppings, and mesmerising waterfalls. And also the best component – this uncommercialised island is there is no of stroked nerves touristy crowds. To experience the real happiness of Trekking in Spain, make sure to visit this island. Undoubtedly, the is the many tranquil of every the islands in Spain.

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Nearby Restaurants: La Forastera, Restaurante La TascaThings to Do: Hiking, Nature walks, Trekking, Visit the Garjonay national Park, sightseeing at Mirador de AbranteWhere to Stay: Hotel Jardin Tecina, Hotel landscape Imada

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6. Lanzarote: Volacanos, Food & More!

Image SourceLanzarote is well known for its stark volcano landscape that dominates a quarter of the island from a past volcanic eruption. This part of the island is the Timanfaya nationwide Park i beg your pardon in turn has a bar and also restaurant where meals space cooked over underground warmth coming indigenous the energetic volcano! other than exploring the volcanic landscapes and savouring volcano cuisine, travelers have the right to visit the Whales and also Dolphins Museum and also the Mirador del Rio lookout allude for a magnificent see of this Spanish holiday island.

Nearby Restaurants: Little Elm Restaurant, Lani’s cafe RestaurantThings to Do: Visit the Timanfaya national Park, Visit the Rancho Texas Lanzarote Park, tourism the Marina Rubicon, check out the Montaña Roja, tourism the Pueblo MarineroWhere come Stay: Secrets Lanzarote resort & Spa, Sands coast Resort

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7. Formentera: White Beaches and also A Lighthouse!

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Lying southern of Ibiza, Formentera is a small island well-known for naked sunbathing top top its white beaches. That is also just a boat ride far from Ibiza and one can avail the regular passenger company from mainland Spain to acquire here. It’s one of the favourite places to visit in Spain for families and also nature lovers, specifically in the months of July and also August. Don’t forget come visit La Mola once here, a picturesque cliff with a lighthouse.

Nearby Restaurants: Integral, Es Molí de SalThings to Do: Boating, Cycling, Visit the lighthouse, Snorkelling, Scuba diving, Jet-skiing, Parascending, DivingWhere come Stay: Hotel Casbah Formentera, Gecko Hotel & coast Club

Image SourceLa Palma, or ‘Beautiful Island’, is amongst the finest Spanish archipelago to visit. It has an international airport and also regular ferry organization from Tenerife. Excellent for go tours and also hiking, La Palma has mind blowing countryside views, stunning volcanic vistas, beautiful jungles, and also the biggest crater in the civilization right in that center. Despite one deserve to go top top a solo hike to the crater, a guided tourism with ideal supervision is always recommended.

Nearby Restaurants: Restaurante Enriclai, Restaurante Chipi-ChipiThings come Do: Sightseeing, Museum tours, Stargazing, Trekking, Dolphin watching, DivingWhere come Stay: La Palma & Teneguía Princess, solar La Palma

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9. Gran Canaria: Golf Arenas, Surfing funny & More!

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Gran Canaria is among the largest cities in Spain and is a well-developed beach holiday location for honeymooners, adventure seekers, and also families through kids. This Spanish island in the Mediterranean has actually various various forms the landscapes, bewildering sand dunes, mountains biking trails, stunning beaches, and also a densely inhabited marine world. The favorite spot of all adventure enthusiasts, the island has countless excellent diving spots, golf arenas, surfing schools, and also organizes guided hiking tours to rustic cave villages in the island. Trying out this exotic island is absolutely one of the best things to execute in Spain. Hands down, it is one of the many fun archipelago of Spain!

Nearby Restaurants: El Almacén, NapoliThings come Do: Visit the Cueva Pintada Museum, Biking, boat rides, Cruising, tourism the Casa Museo de Colon, Camel riding, Shopping, Visit the Catedral de Santa AnaWhere come Stay: Radisson Blu Resort, Gran Canaria, Lopesan Baobab Resort

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10. Tenerife: A heaven For hill Lovers!

Image SourceAmong the finest Spanish holiday island and also the largest of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a really famous destination for beach vacations. Various other than the jazzy nightlife and also remarkable diving sites, the island offers excellent methods for watersports like surfing, windsurfing, parascending, and also jet-skiing. Hill lovers have the right to enthrall themselves through hiking tours, scenic drives along rocky cliffs and also cable auto ride to the height of Spain’s highest possible peak.

Nearby Restaurants: El Rincon de Antonio, El CorazónThings come Do: Hiking, surfing, parascending, jet-skiing, windsurfing, Visit Siam Park, tourism the Loro Park, explore the jungle ParkWhere to Stay: Hard rock Hotel Tenerife, The Ritz-Carlton, Abama

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Apart from the ones stated above, execute you know any other Spanish islands that have to have remained in this list? re-superstructure the destinations in the comments below and forward this list to your globetrotter buddies. Nothing forget to setup a holiday in Europe to endure what all these impressive islands offer! You’ll it is in amazed by every little thing the islands have to offer you and also by the warmth and hospitality the the locals. Fill your bags and jet turn off to this dreamy destinations now.

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There are variety of mesmerizing urban to visit in Spain. However, the best city the end of all the urban in Spain is Granada.