Spider-Man: Every Time He Wore the Black Costume, Explained While most heroes have one famous costume that comes to mind when you think of them, Spider-Man has two. Here"s every time Spidey wore the Black Suit.

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Thought up in 1982 by fan Randy Schueller, Spider-Man"s black suit would go from being a contest-winning design to one of the most influential costumes in comic history as it became a launching pad for Venom and the symbiote race in Marvel comics. Despite being short-lived during its initial run, Spider-Man would go on to don the black costume many times over the years, often providing for a darker, edgier, Spider-Man story. We break down each time Spidey traded his red and blue garb for the black suit.

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Secret Wars

Despite making its debut appearance in the Tom Defalco, Roger Stern, and Ron Frenz" Amazing Spider-Man #252, the symbiote black suit"s origins lay in the groundbreaking Secret Wars event. With his costume heavily damaged from various clashes throughout the event, the heroes point Peter to a room full of miscellaneous alien machinery hoping it will help. In the room, he stumbles upon what he believed to be a fabric replicator which produces a black goo that engulfs him and replicates his costume while also augmenting his powers. He would go on to wear the costume for the remainder of Secret Wars, aiding in the heroes" victory before returning to Earth and unleashing an unknown species upon the world.

After fighting crime with the suit for some time Peter would eventually take a sample to Reed Richards where he discovers it to be a living organism. After realizing the symbiote had been trying to permanently bond with him, Peter was able to rid himself of the symbiote using a church bell. However, Black Cat would go on to make him a cloth version of the costume, with the same look of the original but none of the abilities, to continue fighting crime. He would wear the cloth suit for a while before finally ditching it when he reunites with Mary Jane and she expresses distaste for the outfit, causing him to switch back to his traditional red and blue suit.

"Sub-City" led to the first time Peter would don the symbiote suit again after the introduction of Eddie Brock"s Venom. This arc took place between Todd McFarlane"s Spiderman #13 and #14, seeing Spider-Man take to the sewers while exploring the disappearance of some of the city"s homeless population. He dons the black suit as camouflage, before ultimately finding himself captured by Morbius the Living Vampire and his band of Subhumans. Morbius reveals that he has been feasting on the homeless, believing his subjects to be providing him with only the "bad ones", though he later realizes his subjects believe all humans who live above ground to be bad. While Spider-Man wants to help Morbius, the Vampire flees in horror after realizing he has murdered innocent people.

Taking place immediately after the events of Marvel"s Civil War saw Peter revealing his secret identity, Spider-Man: Back in Black focuses on the effect Peter"s reveal had on himself, Mary Jane, and Aunt May. After Aunt May is shot, Peter dawns the black suit and vows to hunt down the person who shot her. This arc sees a more aggressive and angrier Spider-Man who is out for revenge, serving as a call back to the more aggressive nature he displayed while wearing the symbiote suit originally. Ultimately the events of the arc lead into the infamous One More Day storyline where they are finally resolved.

The Grim Hunt serves as a pseudo-sequel to "The Last Hunt", which took place during Peter"s time wearing the original black suit, and sees Kraven"s wife and daughter as they stalk Spider-Man and his allies while manipulating his life from the sidelines hoping to bring Kraven the Hunter back from beyond the grave. After seeing what the Kravinoff"s have done to his "Spider-Family" Peter once again puts on the black suit to aid him before seeing the eventual resurrection of Kraven leading to a final battle between the two bitter rivals.

"Go Down Swinging" is the event that leads up to, and is concluded in, Dan Slott and Nick Bradshaw"s Amazing Spider-Man #800 anniversary issue. The arc sees Norman Osbourne gain control of the Carnage symbiote, combined with his abilities as the Green Goblin, to become the "Red Goblin" while wreaking havoc on New York City and his nemesis Peter Parker. Peter receives help from allies such as J. Jonah Jameson and Eddie Brock"s Venom but is eventually forced to once again bond with the symbiote for an added boost in his final confrontation against his arch-nemesis Norman Osbourne.

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The most recent instance of Peter wearing the black suit came in the pages of "Hunted", an event that saw Kraven trap Spider-Man and various animal-themed villains in Central Park to create the ultimate hunt for rich customers using robot proxies. Kraven informs Peter that he put him in the black suit because he believes that to be when Spider-Man was an apex predator. Kraven later reveals the hunt has been a set up for his final battle with Spider-Man, hoping to force his own murder at Peter"s hand to release the prisoners. However, Spider-Man frees the prisoners without killing him and Kraven dons the black suit before being murdered by his son.

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