We all choose perfection. And also let’s face it, most of us have actually less than perfect garages (or none in ~ all)! So, as soon as preparing because that the perfectprefab two car garageto right your demands may, the first question need to be:

What space the Minimum 2-Car Garage Dimensions?


Most professionals say theminimum encourage dimensions because that a two-car garageis 20×20. This size two auto garage will give room for two smaller sized vehicles. Girlfriend won’t have actually much room for save extra knick-knacks, but it should acquire the car inside.

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So what space a couple of challenges of purchase the smallest two car garage?

If you keep two cars inside the two auto garage, there will certainly be very little space because that the garden tools, a workbench or other accessories.The garage doors will certainly be 8’ broad instead the 9’ or 10’. Return your small car will conveniently fit through the garage door, one extra foot on her garage doors can make a huge difference when using the winter to earlier into the garage.

In short, theminimum dimensions for a 2 automobile garageshould be 20’x20′and to make extra space to obtain in and out that the car, the is encourage to go v 24’x24′ or larger.

If you desire to store your automobile looking nice and want extra room for other things, a bit more comprehensive and deeper will go a lengthy way.

While 20×20 is the minimum size of a two-car garage, if you want to save your automobile looking nice and want extra room for various other things, think about going a little bit larger.



Note that there is adifference between the minimum dimension of a2-car garageandthe average size of a 2-car garage.

Have you ever met an average-sized person? The trouble with mean is that no one human perfectly fits the “average” mold. It simply means a middle ground, and also your needs may be above average or less than average. Let’s rest it under the median garage size question further:

a. Width: What is the ideal width that a 2-car garage?

The average width of a vehicle is approximately 6 to 6.5 feet. Add a couple of feet ~ above either next to obtain in and out the a vehicle and also you will shortly be close come the 20-foot width of the minimum garage size. If your residential or commercial property has space and your township gives permission, us recommend walking at the very least 24’ wide. You will love the extra broad for getting in and also out the your car when the is parked inside the garage. If girlfriend can’t go 24’ large on your garage, a 22’ large garage would still provide you a bit an ext space to play with.

b. Length: exactly how long have to your 2-car garage be?

That all counts again on the size of her vehicle and also what you hope to execute inside the two auto garage besides parking. Many of us want come store much more in ours two-car garage than Old Bessie and also her sidekick. Include an ATV, a motorcycle, or even a few bicycles and also your garage deserve to quickly come to be crowded. Put some shelves ~ above the walls, or include a workbench or two and watch your floor an are shrink!

c. It relies on the dimension of your vehicle and what else you great to store

Keep in mind the a typicalsedan (here we go again) is about 17 feet long. If you desire room to get approximately the ago of your vehicle with the garage door closed you may want come go an ext than 24 feet deep. Girlfriend might additionally consider including 4 much more feet because that a workbench so girlfriend have space to tinker with the automobile inside. If you really want an are to work on your auto inside the garage, then you should think about a 30’ lengthy two automobile garage.

Bottom line, the average size two auto garage is 24×24 or 24×30, yet it additionally depends a lot of on what you want to placed inside. Note, we claimed “average sized garage,” not the minimum sized two cargarage.

Here space a few visual aids fromDecosoup.comto assist give think about what thebest size of a 2 auto garagemight be for you. That may aid you decide to construct bigger.



Bottom line, the typical size two car garage is 24×24 or 24×30, but it likewise depends a lot on what you want to placed inside.


What about 2-car Garage elevation dimensions?

Think around this: Extra height in her garage method extra storage space.

You could think that allcar garageshave a traditional ceiling height. Also that is flexible according to your needs. Keep in mind the distinction here in between astandard two vehicle garagefrom Sheds Unlimited and agarage through attic space. Obviously, the height dimensions of the 2 garages are fairly different and offer a vastly different amount of storage space.

However, just to save it simple, the typical ceiling elevation in a two car garage is about eight feet and the typical garage door is 7 feet high. If you have actually a full-sized pickup truck or van to store inside the garage you may need come go v a larger dimension in both two auto garage and garage door size.

Keep in mind the in order to download an opener a minimum of two inches of headroom is needed above the garage door where it comes closest to the ceiling throughout travel. One benefit of looking in ~ a Sheds UnlimitedTwo vehicle Garageis that many of our garages have the options of enhancing the elevation dimensions.

Here space a couple of examples of the height Dimensions of our Two auto Garages:



How to increase the inner Dimensions of her 2-Car Garage

If girlfriend only have actually a specific amount of floor you deserve to cover on your property, there room several means to get much more storage an are inside her two auto garage.

Add shelves inside the car garage for using up the wall spaceIncrease the height dimension of the two auto garage with higher walls.

Going higher gives friend the very same ground cover however much an ext interior room for every little thing you want to perform with it.


What is the price the a 2-car garage?

We knew you’d come to that question! everything comes through a cost, even anaverage size two automobile garage!

If you want the lengthy answer, read out article onHow much does a two auto garage cost?

Otherwise, here are just a couple of of Sheds Unlimited’s feather 2018 prices. They may of course adjust without advance notice, yet you can constantly find the updated price online.

The following step is a prefab garage developed on a concrete pad. The straightforward cost for a 20×20 with two doors and also setup with 20 miles of Sheds countless will be $15,107. A24×24 2 vehicle garagewill begin at under $15,263. Now that price is a an easy one-story two-car garage. If you want more, it will certainly cost!

In Summary, how huge should my two car garage be?

The focus here should be on “my” two-car garage. Because everyone’s needs are different, go as big as required to accommodate her need. Among the most common comments civilization make worrying garage dimension is, “I wish it to be bigger.” I’ve never ever heard anyone say your garage is too big. Think about going larger than a common two-car garage; that will give you extra space.



Other sources for choosing the finest 2-CAR GARAGE DIMENSIONS

For more discussion top top the median size garage, inspect outhouzz.comfor some interesting homeowner conversations concerning garage size.

Watch this video atgaragehowto.com.

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Ask you yourself these questions:

Do I own a VW Beetle or a full-sized SUV?What dimension are mine vehiclesAm i planning to store much more in her two-car garage than 2 vehicles?Do I need storage shelves in front of her vehicle? beside it?Do I need a workbench?Is over there anyone in my family who demands a small apartment or workspace above the garage?Do I have room top top your building for among the larger two-car garages?Is extra storage an are important to me?

the Next steps to gain a 2-Car Garage…

When friend finally number out thebest 2-car garage dimensionsfor your needs, girlfriend are prepared for the next steps. From below you can:

Work through your township to uncover out what the takes to gain approval for the garage.

Now is the time to obtain started!