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I’m new to the industry and door hardware mounting heights appears to be code 101. I have only discovered a handful of useful articles online however they’re scattered in a few different places and also regularly contradict each other. Those the no-nonsense version of door hardware mounting heights?

You room not the only human with this problem! In fact, Katie re-published an article from Lori Greene of iDigHardware top top mounting heights in 2012 after consistently referencing it. This is a rapid excerpt from that article:

Each of the codes and standards pertaining come door openings consists of slightly various language regarding mounting heights of operating hardware. Generally, hardware have to be placed between 34” and also 48” above the finished floor or ground, through exceptions because that (a) locks used only for security purposes, and also (b) operation hardware on doors bring about swimming pools. But, in order come determine exactly how the codes apply to your specific project, it’s vital to understand just how the criter differ.

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The International building Code (IBC) (all editions to date) needs operating hardware for many egress doors come be placed between 34” and 48” over the perfect floor (AFF). Locks used only for security purposes and not offered for normal procedure are excluded.

The language pertaining come “locks provided only for defense purposes” isn’t really specific, which pipeline this up to interpretation by the Authority having actually Jurisdiction (AHJ). The IBC Commentary gives the example of an unframed glass door at the prior of a tenant room in a mall, v a lock in the bottom rail. Deadbolts placed at various other heights may be embraced by the AHJ, relying on the occupancy type.

Door Hardware Mounting Heights – 2010 ADA Changes

IBC 2009:

1008.1.9.2 Hardware height. Door handles, pulls, latches, locks and also other operating devices shall be installed 34 inch (864 mm) minimum and also 48 inches (1219 mm) maximum above the perfect floor. Locks offered only for defense purposes and also not supplied for normal operation are allowed at any type of height.

Exception: accessibility doors or gateways in obstacle walls and also fences protecting pools, spas and also hot tubs shall be permitted to have operable parts of the release of latch on self-latching gadgets at 54 inch (1370 mm) maximum above the finished floor or ground, listed the self-latching gadgets are not additionally self-locking devices operated by method of a key, electronic opener or integral mix lock.

Door Hardware Mounting Heights – NFPA 101

NFPA 101 (Life security Code) needs the releasing system for any type of latch, various other than present installations, to it is in located between 34” and 48” AFF. Once an existing security an equipment is permitted on individual living units and also guest rooms of residential occupancies, that machine must be situated not an ext than 60” AFF. Existing panic hardware may be placed between 30” and 48” AFF, and also the releasing system for various other latching hardware may be mounted below 48” AFF. The low-limit for existing hardware is no specifically dubbed out in the newer editions of NFPA 101, and older version of NFPA 101 only had a best mounting height of 48” AFF together well.

For encourage door hardware mounting heights, above the steel Door academy (SDI) publishing ANSI/SDI A250.8 – encourage Specifications for standard Steel Doors and also Frames. Table 5 contains recommended places for most products. Hardware not consisted of in the table have to be mounted per the manufacturer’s instructions.

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 It’s vital to examine your regional codes for differing requirements. Because that example, in Massachusetts the selection for easily accessible hardware is 36” come 48” AFF instead of 34” come 48”. The AHJ have to be consulted for official interpretations when necessary.


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