i simply picked increase this saw and also have to be looking for hrs trying to find hp and also cc specs top top this observed i cant seem to uncover them any one know?thanks

hello mopar male welcome come as an excellent luck with good luck with the 028 they room a great saw I have actually two I recognize THAT that is 47 cc i"m not certain on the hp who else need to tell friend more
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sorry not to action on your toes here however the publication says the a 3.14ci witch is choose 51.5 cc since its the super. Ns wish the publication told me the hp rating.

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Try among these linkshttp://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.n...5f352eae1aecdc9288256ba20048eb6b?OpenDocumenthttp://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.n...be0d5cdb019bd35e88256ba200493999?OpenDocumenthttp://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.n...83971384aaeecdb288256ded0075d27f?OpenDocument
MS280 is a different animal.Acres site does no list the supervisor or HP for various other 028s.Saw Troll will certainly be along soon.
According come a Stihl book028Spiston displacement 51.1cmBore 46 mmstroke 31mmmax rpm 13000no hp rating
Does her 028 have a bolt or hook under the sprocket to catch a broke or derailed chain ? Mine does not , no authorize of a absent bolt to connect one either. I don"t have the OEM sprocket cover , wonder if it was on it initially ?
I gained one of the 028 AV Supers also. Permit me understand if you require the manual, I have actually one in PDF format.Does yours it seems to be ~ a tiny heavy? they are developed solid as a tank, and suppose to be a very reliable saw. I simply put a 18" bar ~ above mine the other day. Depending upon the chain tensioner, if external in between the bar nuts like present saws, they are worth alot more, i think they do those the last two years. Like to hear what others think around the 028 timber Boss and AV Super.
.I recognize the stroke and Bore could be insanity different and also any crank variations and porting differences as well, yet that wasn"t what the o/p was requesting. :biggrinbounce2:
Very heavy reliable tiny saw.I have actually a real nice 028 Super, and a task 028 Super ns am at this time building. I likewise have had a few 028 WBs. I dont discover them heavy at all, and also my supervisor responded very well to the mods ns did come it.
Very solid reliable little saw.I have actually a actual nice 028 Super, and a project 028 Super i am at this time building. I also have had actually a few 028 WBs. I dont uncover them heavy at all, and also my super responded an extremely well come the mods i did to it.
Yes. You have the right to put one 028 super piston and also cylinder setup on any type of of the 028s. The mufflers carry out differ on some, yet as long as you have your initial muffler, or a later side leave muffler, you have to be ok.

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Here"s The Ports.....StockI obtained one through a bad piston indigenous a regional shop and also have now a piston & ring on the way from Bailey"s. Here are a few pictures the the share for currently porting. The entry seems really restrictive and also has a small boot yet the rest of the ports look at good.
.I recognize the stroke and Bore could be madness different and also any crank variations and also porting distinctions as well, but that wasn"t what the o/p was requesting. :biggrinbounce2:
About the only thing one 028S and an ms 280 have actually in typical are they space both orange, and white and also the both say Stihl and also use a chain to reduced with. That"s about it.
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