i simply picked up this observed and have been trying to find hrs trying to uncover hp and cc specs on this observed i cant seem to find them any type of one know?thanks

hello mopar man welinvolved as excellent luck with great luck via the 028 they are a great saw I have actually 2 I KNOW THAT it is 47 cc i"m not certain on the hp someone else must tell you more
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sorry not to action on your toes below however the book states its a 3.14ci witch is like 51.5 cc since its the super. i wish the book told me the hp rating.

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Try one of these linkshttp://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.n...5f352eae1aecdc9288256ba20048eb6b?OpenDocumenthttp://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.n...be0d5cdb019bd35e88256ba200493999?OpenDocumenthttp://www.acresinternet.com/cscc.n...83971384aaeecdb288256ded0075d27f?OpenDocument
MS280 is a different pet.Acres site does not list the super or HP for various other 028s.Saw Troll will be alengthy shortly.
According to a Stihl book028Spiston displacement 51.1cmBore 46 mmstroke 31mmmax rpm 13000no hp rating
Does your 028 have actually a bolt or hook under the sprocket to catch a broke or derailed chain ? Mine does not , no sign of a lacking bolt to attach one either. I don"t have the OEM sprocket cover , wondering if it was on it initially ?
I obtained one of the 028 AV Supers likewise. Let me know if you need the hands-on, I have actually one in PDF format.Does yours seem a tiny heavy? They are developed solid as a tank, and also mean to be an extremely trusted witnessed. I simply put a 18" bar on mine the other day. Depending on the chain tensioner, if outside in between the bar nuts like current saws, they are worth alot even more, I think they made those the last 2 years. Like to hear what others think around the 028 Wood Boss and AV Super.
.I understand the stroke and Bore might be wildly various as well as any crank variations and also porting differences as well, but that wasn"t what the o/p was requesting. :biggrinbounce2:
Very solid reliable little witnessed.I have a genuine nice 028 Super, and a project 028 Super I am presently structure. I additionally have actually had a few 028 WBs. I dont uncover them heavy at all, and my Super responded very well to the mods I did to it.
Very solid trusted small saw.I have actually a real nice 028 Super, and a task 028 Super I am currently structure. I likewise have had actually a few 028 WBs. I dont discover them hefty at all, and my Super responded extremely well to the mods I did to it.
Yes. You deserve to put an 028 super piston and cylinder setup on any kind of of the 028s. The mufflers execute differ on some, however as long as you have actually your original muffler, or a later on side departure muffler, you need to be ok.

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Here"s The Ports.....StockI got one through a negative piston from a local shop and have actually now a piston & rings on the way from Bailey"s. Here are a couple of pictures of the stock for now porting. The intake seems very restrictive and has actually a tiny boot yet the remainder of the ports look excellent.
.I understand the stroke and also Bore could be wildly different and also any type of crank variations and also porting differences as well, however that wasn"t what the o/p was requesting. :biggrinbounce2:
About the just thing an 028S and an MS 280 have actually in common are they are both orange, and white and also the both say Stihl and usage a chain to reduced with. That"s about it.
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