What is the difference between strict and loose interpretation?
The difference between strict and loose interpretation is, strict interpretation means that anything that is not included in the constitution, the government cannot do anything about it. An example of strict interpretation is since the constitution does not mention a national bank; the government would not be able to form a national bank. Loose interpretation means that the constitution is a loose framework and the government can build their own laws upon it.

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What were the key differences between Hamilton(Federalist) and Jefferson (Republican)?The key differences between Hamilton and Jefferson were, Jefferson favored a strict interpretation of the Constitution, while Hamilton preferred a loose interpretation of the Constitution. Jefferson was very much against Hamilton forming a national bank since it was not mentioned in the Constitution. Jefferson also believed that Hamilton was betraying the American Revolution and he had more faith in the American people than in their government.
What were the key elements of Hamilton's financial plan?The key elements of Hamilton’s financial plan were to fund full payments of foreign and national debt, assumption of state debt (make all state debt national debt), and a protective tariff (“infant industry”).
What was Washington's basic philosophy of foreign policy?Washington’s basic philosophy on foreign policy was to do anything that only helped his country. Washington made the Neutrality Proclamation because he believed that it would only benefit the United States to stay out of the war. He also signed Jay’s Treaty to get the British out of their Northwest Settlements.
What was significant about the election of 1796?The election of 1796 was significant because it was the first transfer of power to ever be successful in history. It was also the first real election for the United States and John Adams won against Thomas Jefferson 71 electoral votes to 68, which was a very close margin.
Why did Adams lose support among Federalists?Adams lost support becuase his resolution of the war brimming against France left his Alien and Adams lost support becuase his resolution of the war brimming against France left his Alienn and Sedition Acts unjustified. He lsot support from his aggressive Federalist supporters due to the X,Y and Z affair. And making peace with France lost the Federalist pary the powerful arguetn that the Republicans were siding with the British during the French and British war.
How did Jefferson get elected in 1800?The votes were tied between Jefferson and Burr so the decision was given to the House of Representitives to decide who would be president. Hamilton sided with Jefferson for president which gave him key votes needed and so Jefferson became president.
How did Jefferson set out to reduce the size of the government?Jefferson reduced the size of the government by reducing the size of the federal bureaucracy allowing only very few congressmen clerks. He reduced the army to 3,000, reduced taxes and reduced the amount of style involved in his personal dress and his actions. For example he refused to give speeches to congress becuase it was to much like a Kings' job.
What were somem examples of republican virtues?The National Bank: a bank that accepted all the states debts as one large sum to be dealt with as a united country. Peace with France: made the republicans upset becuase they were mostly Anglophiles which meant that they hated the French.
What 2 effectsw did the new social mobility have?The two effects that the new social mobility had were, Americans had the opportunities to improve thier lives in America unlike in Europe. Americans had the ability to pick up thier things and leave, but slaves did not benefit from the mobile society. Since the Americans had tghe ability to move they often found themsleves lonely and living with strangers. These people had to learn new skills and learn other ways to live with strangers.
What were some of the new rules for courtship?Some of the new rules for courtship were that women got to choose who they were getting married with and women used courtship to find a potential partner. The women chose people who had either the same religion or a man with a good job.
What was ultimately the most important by product (result) of the 2nd Great Awakening?A very important result of the 2nd Great Awakening was that women for the first time had power that could affect their communities. Women went to church to make connections and find comfort, during the 2nd Great Awakening, so they could choose their church ministers which affected their community and some women actually preached.
How did industrialization change American society?American society was just farming pretty much, but then when factories and new industry was created, people started working in that rather than farming. Even look at today, industrialization has taken over and farming is very little now compared to what it first was in the U.S.
What were the primary causes of the War of 1812?One thing that started the War of 1812 was that Indians were more frequently attacking settlers. They thought it was because the British were arming the Indians. A lot of people blamed the British for frontier violence.
What were the key incidents of the war?Some key events in the War of 1812, was the Naval War, the burning of Washington D.C., and the “star-spangled banner” which came out of the British bombardments at the entrance to Baltimore harbor
What were the 3 key Supreme Court decisions between 1819-24?The three Supreme Court decisions that were made between 1819-1824 (good chart of pg 291 of textbook) were McCulloch v Maryland(1819), Dartmouth College v Woodward(1819), and Gibbons v Ogden(1824).
What were the 4 parts of the Monroe Doctrine? Was it isolationist or expansionist?1 That the US would steer clear or any European wars; 2 that there would be no interference with western hemisphere colonies; 3 that there would be no further colonization of the western hemisphere and; 4 that if European powers interfered with any nation in the western hemisphere it would be considered hostile. The Doctrine was isolationist.
Why did the tariff of 1828 become a sectional issue?This was because South Carolina argued that the states should have the right to nullify unconstitutional federal laws or it would secede from the union, which would unbalance the free v slave states, creating trouble.
List the 5 civilized Tribes and where they lived?1 Cherokees, 2 Chickasaws, 3 Choctaws, 4 Muskogees Confederation(Creeks), 5 Seminoles, They all lived in the SouthEast part of the United States
How did Jackson change the presidency?Jackson changed the presidency because he was the first president from west of the Appalachians. Where he was from, frontier life shaped people’s characters, making him different from any other president the US had ever had. Jackson was a man of strong opinions and he was accustomed to making tough decisions and fiercely defending them. Also the voters who voted in this election were much younger because the voting polls were open to people who did not own land, which was different from the previous elections.
Why did Van Buren lose the election of 1840?Van Buren lost the election of 1840 becuase of a second panic in 1839 that made the depression drag into the 1840 election. People started voting against Van Buren hoping that the depression would change.

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make a chronology of the anti-slavery and the women's rights movements.1848-First women’s rights convention is held at Seneca Falls, NY