Red pepper flakes space spices make of dried, crushed red chili peppers.

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This spice has different types of peppers such together jalapenos, Anaheim, and serrano through a level of heat in between 30,000-50,000 SHU.

To prepare red pepper flakes the peppers are dried and crushed right into flakes and are combined with the seeds to add more spiciness into the mixture.

The most used and with the greatest percentage in this mixture are Cayenne peppers. However, there are additionally another 2-3 varieties of peppers that are offered in smaller sized amounts.

Red pepper flakes are offered in different dishes to carry out the flavor with well balanced heat. You have the right to use red pepper flakes in pizza sauce, spaghetti sauces, countless soups, stews, salads, curries, vegetables, fried chicken, tacos, baked goods, and also many various other recipes.

If her recipe calls because that red pepper flakes however you don’t have actually them in ~ home, or friend don’t choose your dish to be very spicy you deserve to use few of the substitutes discussed in this article.

You can choose in between Chile de Arbol powder, cayenne pepper powder, chili powder, chili sauce, gochugaru, chili paste, habanero powder, warm paprika powder, chipotle powder, and also DIY red pepper flakes.

Let’s learn much more about each substitute.

Substitutes because that Red Pepper Flakes

Red pepper flakes are easy to do at home you will certainly only must ground part dry red chilies and you will have actually red pepper flakes at your taste.

But if you don’t desire to stroked nerves you can constantly use few of these substitutes stated in this short article because lock are obtainable in the stores.

1. Chile de Arbol powder


If you have actually cayenne, anaheim, and jalapeno peppers you can make red pepper flakes at home. Just dry the peppers in the oven or a dehydrator if you have actually it, and crush them right into flakes. friend will get red pepper flakes the you deserve to store in one airtight container to preserve their flavor.

Milder Substitute for Red Pepper Flakes

Red pepper flakes room pretty hot!

Therefore, if you nothing like hot meals, you can use other less warm spices like chile de Arbol powder, chipotle powder, or milder types of chili sauce and also chili powder.

You will acquire a gentle spicy flavor and also beautiful red shade in your recipe without making it also hot.

Non-Spicy Substitute because that Red Pepper Flakes

The best non-spicy substitute for red pepper flakes is sweet paprika since it will provide a nice smoky-earthy flavor and also color to your dish.

Sweet paprika is made of sweet peppers and makes a great seasoning for stews, rice, soups, and other dishes. Friend can also use red bell peppers as a substitute for red pepper flakes. Simply dry the peppers in the range or a dehydrator and also ground them to obtain a pretty red powder.


What deserve to I use rather of red pepper flakes?

Instead of red pepper flakes, you have the right to use cayenne pepper powder, chili sauce, chili powder, hot paprika powder, habanero powder, or chipotle powder.

Can I usage paprika rather of red pepper flakes?

You deserve to use paprika rather of red pepper flakes, yet if you desire to get a warm flavor similar to the odor of the red pepper flakes you deserve to use warm paprika.

Is cayenne pepper the exact same as red pepper flakes?

Cayenne pepper is not the very same as red pepper flakes. Yet red pepper flakes have a high percent that cayenne pepper in your content.

Can I usage chili powder rather of red pepper flakes?

You can use chili powder rather of red pepper flakes. Chili powder is less hot than red pepper flakes. Therefore, friend will need to use more to get comparable heat just like red pepper flakes.

Spice that Up!

Red pepper flakes are a must-have spice if you favor your food spicy.

They will give a beautiful spicy smell to your recipes. However, if you have actually run the end of them you have the right to use some of the substitutes mentioned in this article.

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Maybe your dish will certainly be an ext or much less hot yet either way, that will have actually some spicy notes.