Tanya Memme to be at the optimal of the ladder during the mid-2015. However, everything readjusted after she left the Hallmark Channel"s show, Home and Family. Despite the real reason behind her exit wasn"t discover at the time, that was later on revealed the she quitted the show for her self-worth. In 2018, she stated that, while working on the show, she to be a victim of intolerable abuse and also conditions.

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As a DIY skilled for youngsters in the popular Show, Home and Family, Tanya Memme"s career seemed to be thriving. The all appeared jolly an excellent on the outside, however behind the screens, the Canadian tv presenter was supposedly managing a slew of various problems. Hence, after five years, the previous Miss civilization Canada decided come quit the talk show that she and her daughter both starred on and also dearly loved.
Read follow me to find what motivated the renowned host to contact it quits.

The Harsh fact behind Tanya’s exit from ‘Home & Family’

Everything to be going well in the show Home & Family, and there was nothing suspicious that the viewers had noticed. But little did castle knew around the intolerable case that Memme to be going through. Being among the regulars in the conversation show, the sudden absence of the renowned DIY-segment hold raised numerous eyebrows. However, at that time, nobody of the inquiries were answered.
But as world say, the real reality cannot be hidden forever, and also the same thing happened here. Top top October 22, 2018, when one more Home & Family cast member, chief Shanti Hinojos, filed a situation suing Hallmark Channel"s owner for sex-related harassment, the DIY professional took the opportunity to disclose the factor behind her departure from the show.In Deadline"s article—where the news of chief Shanti Hinojos to be covered—Memme reached the article’s comment section and revealed the harsh truth. She revealed that she had to challenge “intolerable abusive conditions,” amongst other situations. Proceeding the statement, she included that the Hallmark Channel knew everything around it and also did nothing. Hi Everyone, This is Tanya Memme. Ns was on Home and also Family because that 4 years and also all during this time. Ns was forced to quit the show (even though i loved mine actual job) because of the intolerable abusive problems I was met with as well as so numerous others. Ns am emotion the after-effects of mine decision yet not once have actually I ever before regretted leaving. Hallmark knew this to be going on and did nothing for any type of of us. 

Her Life trip after Quitting the Show

Following leave from the Home & Family show, life was never ever easy for the previous Miss civilization Universe. In a expectations of simply eight months, the Canadian actress stop the show she loved following workplace abuse while additionally separating from she husband. With him, she share a daughter, Ava Yepremyan.In a conversation v Rodney Flowers, the previous Hallmark Channel star stated facing a unstable two years, significant by vast financial and an individual losses. However, the renowned homemaker didn"t remorse the decision to leave the difficult workplace. When there to be repercussions, the Canadian beauty thought she compensated for her financial losses by maintaining her self-worth and dignity.
I lost a most money and also I shed a most friends because I’m not on TV anymore. It’s an extremely interesting. The one thing that I gained was mine self-worth. Nobody will ever before take that away indigenous me.To cope with the dire situation, the TV personality began meditating and reading books. She also joined a group referred to as the worldwide Association that Women, which detailed her a most support and motivation.Thereafter, slowly and also steadily, Memme bounced back. Today, she is the creator of Life Masters—a video/podcast display on iTunes and YouTube wherein real-life story of triumph and perseverance room told and also discussed. She additionally got cast as the DIY expert in the rebooted version of the struggle home style show Sell This House.

Her present BF helped during challenging Times

Accompanying the Life master founder in her brand-new journey is her present boyfriend, well-known as O.T.—who treats her favor a queen. The duo met each other through April Beyer, a dating and relationship expert, in march 2018.
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The man referred to as O.T. Has certainly been instrumental in lifting Memme off her troughs, as in she words, he was by her side in ~ the most difficult times. Thank you O.T. For believing in me and being there fully for me as soon as I to be going v some very hard times, and helping me fly again! I’M finally FLYING AGAIN!Speaking about O.T., he was in the army for many years in ~ a an extremely young age. In one of her Instagram posts, the DIY expert additionally revealed that her friend was "stationed in Germany and trained for war, in all altitudes and also weather."