Ted Ginn Jr."s open difficulty to anyone to finest him in a foot race has actually culminated in a 40-yard dash competition that will feature plenty of NFLers.

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The event, titled "40 yards the Gold," will take ar June 29 and pit Ginn versus notable football stars, including his new Orleans Saints teammate Alvin Kamara.

The field currently includes 26 names and is anticipated to grow. Here"s the tale of the tape of the players shown to it is in participating, split by offense and defense:


Ted Ginn, WR, SaintsAge: 34Height: 5-foot-11Weight: 180 lbs.Experience: 12 seasons40 time: 4.37 seconds at his pre-draft workoutFast Fact: Turned down a monitor career and also a shot in ~ the 2008 Olympics to seek football.

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Alvin Kamara, RB, SaintsAge: 23Height: 5-foot-10Weight: 215 lbs.Experience: 2 seasons40 time: 4.56 seconds at the combineFast Fact: Doubled together a absent returner his rookie season, averaging 31.5 yards per return and also scoring ~ above a 106-yard return touchdown.

Kareem Hunt, RB, BrownsAge: 23Height: 5-foot-11Weight: 216 lbs.Experience: 2 seasons40 time: 4.62 seconds at the combineFast Fact: The NFL"s rushing leader his rookie season, he got to 20.84 miles every hour top top a 58-yard operation in his very first career game.

Jakeem Grant, WR, DolphinsAge: 26Height: 5-foot-7Weight: 169 lbs.Experience: 3 seasons40 time: 4.38 secs at his pro dayFast Fact: listed as one of the fastest ball carriers that 2018, reaching 21.58 miles every hour top top a 71-yard punt-return touchdown.

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Robby Anderson, WR, JetsAge: 26Height: 6-foot-3Weight: 190 lbs.Experience: 3 seasons40 time: 4.34 secs at his agree dayFast Fact: hit a max rate of 21.5 miles per hour ~ above a 76-yard catch-and-run touchdown critical season.

Corey Coleman, WR, GiantsAge: 24Height: 5-foot-11Weight: 185 lbs.Experience: 4 seasons40 time: 4.37 secs at his agree dayFast Fact: A high college standout in track and also field, he taped the fastest time - 4.32 secs - at the SPARQ Combine.

Mark Ingram, RB, RavensAge: 29Height: 5-foot-9Weight: 215 lbs.Experience: 8 seasons40 time: 4.62 seconds at the combineFast Fact: A surprised inclusion on this list, Ingram has functioned with XPE sporting activities Academy since his 3rd year to enhance his speed and also explosiveness.

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Jacoby Ford, WR, cost-free AgentAge: 31Height: 5-foot-9Weight: 190 lbs.Experience: 4 seasons40 time: 4.28 secs at the combineFast Fact: A former state champion in the 100- and 200-meter dash in 2005, Ford winner the 60-meter dash at the indoor track and field championships in 2009.

Jeff Badet, WR, VikingsAge: 24Height: 5-foot-11Weight: 182 lbs.Experience: Rookie40 time: 4.27 seconds at his pro dayFast Fact: Badet"s agree day time would"ve bested any type of run in ~ the combine over the past two years.

Richie James, WR, 49ersAge: 23Height: 5-foot-9Weight: 185 lbs.Experience: 1 season40 time: 4.48 seconds at the combineFast Fact: James winner multiple state title in track together a high schooler.

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Damiere Byrd, WR, CardinalsAge: 26Height: 5-foot-9Weight: 180 lbs.Experience: 3 seasons40 time: 4.28 secs at his agree dayFast Fact: Byrd"s 4.28 time in ~ his agree day came on grass, a surface considered to be 0.13 secs slower to run on.

Christian Blake, WR, FalconsAge: 22Height: 6-foot-1Weight: 181 lbs.Experience: 2 seasons40 time: 4.51 seconds at his agree dayFast Fact: Blake signed with Atlanta as an undrafted cost-free agent and also has however to appear in one NFL game.

Kevin Snead, WR, cost-free AgentAge: 27Height: 6-foot-0Weight: 190 lbs.Experience: 0 seasons40 time: 4.28 seconds at the local combineFast Fact: Snead was reputed "the fastest man in university football" throughout his time at division II university Carson-Newman.


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Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, CB, RedskinsAge: 33Height: 6-foot-2Weight: 203 lbs.Experience: 11 seasons40 time: 4.33 secs at the combineFast Fact: The oldest player in the competition, Rodgers-Cromartie winner the Ohio valley Conference long jump title in college and also took the 60-meter and also high run indoor titles as well.

Trae Waynes, CB, VikingsAge: 26Height: 6-foot-0Weight: 190 lbs.Experience: 4 seasons40 time: 4.31 seconds at the combineFast Fact: Waynes posted the fastest time amongst defensive backs in ~ the 2015 combine.

John Franklin III, CB, BearsAge: 24Height: 6-foot-1Weight: 186 lbs.Experience: 0 seasons40 time: 4.4 secs at his agree dayFast Fact: The previous Last chance U star convert to defense indigenous quarterback and large receiver. He declared to operation a 4.19 40.

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Kevin Byard, S, TitansAge: 25Height: 5-foot-11Weight: 212 lbs.Experience: 3 seasons40 time: 4.44 secs at his agree dayFast Fact: Byard own 12 interceptions in the NFL end the past two seasons.

Quinton Dunbar, CB, RedskinsAge: 26Height: 6-foot-2Weight: 197 lbs.Experience: 4 seasons40 time: 4.44 secs at his agree dayFast Fact: Dunbar to be a member the the inaugural U.S. Nationwide Football Team.

Rashard Robinson, CB, JetsAge: 23Height: 6-foot-2Weight: 177 lbs.Experience: 3 seasons40 time: 4.28 seconds at his agree dayFast Fact: After running a 4.49 in ~ the combine, Robinson included faster times of 4.28 and 4.33 at his pro day.

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Terrell Sinkfield, DB, free AgentAge: 28Height: 6-foot-1Weight: 195 lbs.Experience: 0 seasons40 time: 4.19 seconds at his pro dayFast Fact: Sinkfield taped the stunning 40 time in ~ the Minnesota pro day in 2013, prompting scouts to ask that to operation it a 3rd time.

Jerome Baker, LB, DolphinsAge: 22Height: 6-foot-1Weight: 225 lbs.Experience: 1 season40 time: 4.53 seconds at the combineFast Fact: The only linebacker in the competition, Baker was considered the fastest player top top the team during his time in ~ Ohio State.

Jalen Myrick, CB, VikingsAge: 24Height: 5-foot-11Weight: 200 lbs.Experience: 1 season40 time: 4.28 secs at the combineFast Fact: Myrick"s blistering 40 time was overshadowed by man Ross, who damaged the incorporate record the very same year in ~ a time that 4.22 seconds.

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Budda Baker, S, CardinalsAge: 23Height: 5-foot-10Weight: 195 lbs.Experience: 2 seasons40 time: 4.45 seconds at the combineFast Fact: Baker was named high college athlete of the year through Seattle Times throughout his an elderly year that high school.

Donte Jackson, CB, PanthersAge: 23Height: 5-foot-10Weight: 180 lbs.Experience: 1 season40 time: 4.32 secs at the combineFast Fact: Jackson tape-recorded the best 40 time of any type of player at the 2018 scouting combine.

Charles James II, DB, free AgentAge: 29Height: 5-foot-9Weight: 185 lbs.Experience: 5 seasons40 time: 4.44 secs at a private workoutFast Fact: James has played because that seven different football teams in the previous seven years.

T.J. Green, DB, complimentary AgentAge: 24Height: 6-foot-3Weight: 215 lbs.

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Experience: 3 seasons40 time: 4.34 seconds at the combineFast Fact: In 2016, environment-friendly posted the faster 40 time by a safety at the combine, a mark topped this year by Zedrick Woods.