Tell Me just how You yes, really Feel is Courtney Barnett’s second solo album, adhering to 2015’s highly-acclaimed Sometimes ns Sit and also Think, and also Sometimes I simply Sit and also 2017’s collaborative album through Kurt Vile title Lotta Sea Lice.

The album to represent Barnett’s “jittery an individual anxieties” that can only be represented through songwriting.

It come from a ar of an individual study and turned into a bigger reflection top top the remainder of the people and places about me. obviously keeps rise in for a reason, therefore it was something come acknowledge and study and try to understand.”

“I love that people connect emotionally with my songs,“ she says, "it blows mine mind. It has actually that emotion of being less alone in those thoughts when I feel like I’m alone.”

Tell Me how You really Feel to be announced ~ above February 15th, 2018 v the release of the an initial single, “Nameless, Faceless”. It is collection to be exit on may 18th, 2018 through mother + pop Records, Marathon Artists, and also Milk! Records.

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“Tell Me just how You really Feel” Q&A
Album Credits
bass skeletal Sloane
Backing Vocals Dan Luscombe & skeletal Sloane
organ Dan Luscombe
secrets Dan Luscombe
Percussion Dave Mudie
drums Dave Mudie
etc Dan Luscombe & Courtney Barnett
Vocals Courtney Barnett
master by guy Davie
combined By Burke Reid
tape-recorded By Burke Reid
written By Courtney Barnett
created by Dan Luscombe, Burke Reid & Courtney Barnett
Artwork Courtney Barnett
label Milk! Records, Marathon artists & Mom+Pop
Album Credits
producers Burke Reid, Courtney Barnett & Dan Luscombe
writers Courtney Barnett
Backing Vocals skeletal Sloane, Dan Luscombe, Kelley deal & 1 an ext
bass bones Sloane
north Dave Mudie
an ext Courtney Barnett albums

Things take it Time, take Time


MTV Unplugged (Live In Melbourne)

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